Review: Wholesome Hide

I’m back friends! It’s another review!

I’m trying to bounce between the types of products I talk about, to keep it interesting. (If there are any suggestions out there, let me know! I’ll gladly wag my butt to the store, and pick up whatever it is, and try it!) This week, it’s CHEWS! Quite possibly one of my favorite hobbies, besides: chewing my plush babies, going on walks, running as fast as I can, chasing my kitty brother and sister, snuggling mama, getting treats, having slumber parties, and hearing from my friends!

Now, before I reveal the product, I feel I should let you all know, that my NEXT review will be something VERY special! I won’t say too much about it yet, but it is something that every puppy could use, and it could represent your unique personality! (You’re free to take guesses, but you can’t trick me into revealing it! I got to get you back here, somehow!)

On to the chews! Like before, Mama and I picked up this tasty treat at our local Hollywood Feed. We actually got them because we already had to pick up kitty food (Mama was afraid they’d revolt while we were sleeping) I think she said something about, “eating our faces off.” That’s not true, is it?!?! Anyway, it was also a movie date night, because I ‘d been at Mimi’s house for two days while her and Daddy took care of some fur friends, downtown. Naturally, I put on my formal black bow tie. We stopped at the store, and that’s where we found them! Glorious Chews! Chews and bones, and treats as far as my eyes could see. All freshly displayed in barrels (some of them low enough for a small pup like me to nose!). Mama picked a package, because I was WAY too distracted, and home we went!

Date night was fun, we watched Inside Out, I cuddled Mama closer than Daddy, because that’s just how it goes, and afterwards we went upstairs for chew time!

I don’t really have a bedtime, I just go to sleep whenever Mama does, but Friday’s are usually extra late for our crew.

Mama laid out my bone chewing blanket (I’m curious, does every puppy have one of those? –Tell me below!), and handed over the goods. Of course the kitties got to have treats too (I don’t see why. They can’t possibly be as well behaved as me).

(The above photo is my bone chewing blanket. It belonged to my Angel sister, Hershey. She couldn't sleep in the bed anymore, because her seizures made it unsafe. Mama and Daddy made her a fluffy pallet next to the bed, and this blanket was always on top.)

I love chew sticks. I’ve had many a chew stick! Every puppy worth its tail knows that a chew stick doesn’t stand a chance against a power chewer though. I may be little, but my jaw can work overtime! This chew stick lasted me about five minutes, which really isn’t a long time when my paw-rents are trying to distract me while they work.

I should say, the packaging claims to be a “long lasting chew.” Now, maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe they don’t mean the product is for #powerchewers, but if I, at sixteen pounds can get through it in five minutes, I can’t imagine how fast a BIG dog could get through it.

The flavoring was okay, and the texture was hard, and hollow. It’s about an inch wide, half an inch thick, and three-and-a-half inches long (think rectangle), which is quite a bit larger than the average rawhide chew. Most are a cylindrical, “stick,” It was nothing to bark home about. And it was DRY. Oh was it dry! I definitely had to stop by the water dish when I was done with it!

It wasn’t messy, or stinky, so Mama was happy with that. Although how would she know what’s good? She’s not a connoisseur like me! (And yes, if I can type, I can use a virtual dictionary too!) #Bodie.Smartboy. My stomach didn’t gurgle after I ate it, and I didn’t have any “outdoor,” issues. I’m sure Mama wouldn’t have been too happy having to let me out every five minutes. But we were in the clear! No problems here!

I did get in a good nap though. And I woke up having to pee a river (Note: see water bowl. Did I say the chew was DRY?!?)

Overall, it wasn’t so bad. I still have a bag full, because Mama accidentally bought the big bag, and not the small one, but it’s something to have on backup. I’d chew it again. I just don’t think it’d be something I’d beg for. And it certainly doesn’t occupy me for long, and would serve more as a treat than a chew (chew still,  to me means a bit of longevity) for medium/large dogs. For dogs smaller than me, it probably wouldn’t be a great option, as it’s pretty hard. I don’t think my sister/best friend Gypsy could chew it, and she’s a ten pound Papillion.

Now, per usual, I hand it over to Mama for the boring details:

            Wholesome Hide (claim: “Made Always & Only in the U.S.A”)
·       Healthier
·       More Flavorful
·       Longer Lasting
Website to view the product: Wholesome Hide
The price in our store was $8.99 for a one pound bag. (That looks to be about 25-30 chews)

**UPDATE: It should be noted, after visiting the website myself, this product is not even listed online. Therefore it will only be available in the stores associated with Wholesome Hide (it seems)**

Final Score: 3 out of 5 wags

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