Where it all Began

     Hi Internet! I’m Bodie Goodboy. And in case you didn’t know, I’m a good boy! (At least that’s what Mama and Daddy tell me all the time. I’m new to the internet, so it’s been a journey! I never knew there were so many fur friends to be found here! When I say fur friends, of course I don’t just mean friends with fur. I love all friends in the animal kingdom (scales, shells, feathers, etc…). In fact, since I started my Instagram page (@bodie.goodboy), I’ve made quite a few hedgehog friends. Who knew?!? Apparently they eat worms. I’m not into that, but someone has to eat them, and I’d rather it not be me! I suppose since this is my first post, I should let everyone know a little about me (in case you haven’t gotten around to reading my bio). 

     My Mama and Daddy adopted me from The Memphis Humane Society, almost two years ago, on February 4th, 2016. They’ve told me that they found me because of my big sister, that she guided us to each other. She was an angel by the time I became part of the family, because she walked across something called Rainbow Bridge. I’ve seen pictures of her, and let me tell you … we are definitely different in size! Hershey (my angel sister) was about fifty pounds, and I’m only sixteen! She liked bones, but not toys (I LOVE toys), and she wasn’t much of a snuggler, but I have to be pinned to my Mama at all times. Surprisingly we do have several things in common, which made Mama and Daddy realized we were destined for each other. We have the exact same color of fur! From pictures you may say I’m brown … but my papers said red, and I like that better! It’s much more unique! Hershey loved walks, and never stopped! (She was walking up until the day before Rainbow Bridge, and she was sixteen and a half years old. Also, and this is something that’s kind of silly … but we both have swirls by our butts! Little tuffs of fur on either side of our butts that swirl up! Mama says it’s where our fur was given its two final stitches before we left heaven to be on Earth, but I don’t know. They said when they lost Hershey they had holes in their hearts. And while nothing can ever replace her, that I have made their hearts bigger. I think that’s pretty cool! 

     Right now I have two kitty siblings, a brother and a sister. Baron is eight years old, and a grey tabby. He’s quiet, and can be grumpy. Loves soft blankets, and his favorite toy is a fluffy orange ball that I’m not allowed to play with! Pip is one year old, and a Tux, which is apparently rare for females! She’s wild, and bites, and zooms all over the house. And she STEALS my bones! Mama and Daddy found them both as babies, so young that they should have still been with their fur mommy’s. Baron hissed at me when I first met him, but we pal around now, and Pip wasn’t even here yet when I came home, so we’ve grown up together. I also have two puppy cousins, Gypsy and Tear but I call them sisters, because we spend so much time together.

Me? All I know is that I’m a puppy! I don’t know what kind, but I probably have some Chihuahua in me. I have a collection of bow ties (which I will have to count later), and I LOVE bones and treats. I can chew any bone sooooooo fast, so Mama and Daddy are also on the lookout for something that will last longer! I don’t have the heart to tell them they will never find it, I’m a bone annihilator!! I love walks, and I run REALLY fast!! Also, I have a blue tattoo near what Mama and Daddy call my “little friend,” and they say it’s from where I was “fixed.” I don’t know what about me was broken, but I guess it’s all better now! Lastly, I have to admit… if you met me in person I’d probably bark at you. I don’t mean anything by it, and Mama and Daddy are working on helping me through it, but I just have a hard time trusting most people. I never bite, I just bark, and watch really closely. They think its because of my past life … the life before them, but I don’t like to talk about it. I was really sick when they got me, and I promised myself if I got better that I’d concentrate on the future. I guess I still have some things to work on, but Mama and Daddy are pretty patient! I even had a play session with a few of the neighborhood puppies! 

     Woof! What a long first post. Hopefully you stuck around for the whole thing! There is plenty more to know about me, but this will just serve as the intro class into “The World of Bodie Goodboy.” 

     Wag you later, friends!


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