Fearless Pet Collar Review

I’m back with another review, and this time it has an “official,” feel to it, because Fearless Pet reached out to me and Mama, asking us if we wanted to try one of their products. Of course we said YES! I have to say, it was exciting to get a package in the mail with my name on it! The sound of the package scared me, but once Mama pulled the collar out, I HAD to try it on!

See, I’ve gotten so used to wearing ties, and bandannas, and even my own collar, that I do a sort of bow, so Mama can get it over my head. This time was no different! I saw that beautiful green collar, and I had to try it on!

It’s a lot different than anything I’ve tried before. One, it’s covered in sloths! I didn’t even know I liked sloths until I saw how cute they are, even if they do look a little alien.

FUN FACT! Did you know that sloths move so slowly, that algae grow on their backs?!?! That’s why they have a green tint to their fur! I can’t imagine how long a walk with Mama would take if I was THAT slow. Plus, I don’t think I like the idea of algae on me. Anyway, it turns out the algae has a use: sloths use it, not only to feed their babies, but it also keeps them safer in the trees, because it camouflages them. Pretty cool, huh!

I’m guessing you’re not here for a nature lesson though, so I’ll get on with the review!

As I was saying before, this collar is much different than anything else I’ve worn. I’ve been in a harness (when I go out), since Mama and Daddy brought me home. This new collar (the sloth one), is a cinch collar. That means that after it’s put on, and the leash is attached, it will slowly tighten (when I pull to hard), making it so I can’t squirm out of it. No paw-rent wants their fur baby slipping out of their collar, and straight into the street.

Now I should say, this collar should be put on slightly looser than a normal one, because it needs room to cinch when tugged on. And no one wants to choke their puppy.

I’m not too much of a puller on walks, but what I am, is anxious. I don’t like other puppies (off leashes) running up to me, wanting to play, even if they are being friendly. It’s worse if it’s a bigger pup (I mean no offence! Just imagine being sixteen pounds and having a hundred + pound pup running at you out of nowhere!). In fact, at my size, most dogs are bigger than me.

I’ve never gotten away from Mama or Daddy, but I do squirm, and try to get away.

Honestly, Mama was excited to try this collar, but she was a little afraid it would choke me, because we’ve always used a harness. This though, was a pleasant surprise for both of us. Comfortable for me, and I was still easy to handle for Mama. She could feel me pulling, but the cinching slowed me down, and I didn’t choke, cough, or gag once!

We also like that it snaps open and shut, because I sleep nekkid at night, and it is soooo easy to take off. Don't mistake that as me saying a pup can get out of it. NO WAY its sturdy, and will not come off unless the buttons are pushed in to do so. Basically, anyone without opposable thumbs doesn't stand a chance! Plus, Mama doesn’t have to worry about pinching me when she’s taking it on and off, (I have a lot of loose skin around the bottom of my neck). She just turns it up to the top of my neck, and it’s off! No small holes to tighten and loosen.

Before this review, we went on one last walk, and that’s where it got put to the ultimate test. Unplanned of course, we had to walk off the sidewalk and into the street to get around some construction. Well, we came across another thing I hate…moving cars! I do NOT like walking beside them! Mama pulled me in close, and I was squirming, and jumping, and tugging, but I didn’t slip out, not even close. In fact, it got my attention, and I got closer to Mama even though I wanted to run!

I would recommend this to any pup! Especially a pup, like me, that can be a tad nervous from time to time. No one wants their walk to end in a trip to an emergency vet!

It also helps that I’ve gotten a TON of compliments on it every time I’m out! Now I just need the matching leash!

Final Score: 5 out of 5 wags (We couldn’t find anything wrong with it!)


*Make sure to check out their site, linked above. You won't regret it!*
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Wag you later!


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