Pee-Mail Alert! Exciting news!

I’m back! And I have news!

I’ve been getting pretty active over on Instagram, and making lots of new friends (many of which I hope are checking out my blog!)

One day, a friend reached out, and asked if I could help them get more friends, so naturally I said YES! Everyone should have friends! At first I just posted a video on my stories, but I wasn’t sure how many people were really seeing it. I wanted to help her out, because she’s a very sweet girl, her name’s Jixie… and don’t tell too many people, but she’s a PRINCESS!

Anyway, I had the idea, that I’d make a collage of her and me, asking my friends to show her some love, and follow her. And what do you know! My friends loved it! I’ve done several more since! And because of it, got to know them better!

The thing about me is, I want to know MORE! And I want to share my friends with the world.

So, how am I going to do that?

I’m going to interview them! (With Mama’s help of course! She’s the one that went to school for creative writing!) Last night, I reached out to fourteen friends, and eleven said yes! Can you believe it? I’ve already got eleven interviews lined up!

I can’t wait to learn more about my friends, because they are from all over the world! And … not all of them are pups. I won’t spoil it for you though! I want you to come back and read their interviews!

That’s it for this post, just a small update. Later this week, look for another review! This time it was a product that was sent to me by a wonderful company who asked me to test it out! Does that mean I’m a professional now?!?!

If you are active on Instagram, be sure to check out my friend Princess.Jixie (leave her some kind words, and let her know that Bodie.Goodboy asked you to drop by!)
And if you’re visiting from Instagram, be sure to drop me a note below. Or even on one of my pictures over there. If you weren’t aware that I have an Instagram, boy are you missing out on my day to day life! Check me out at bodie.goodboy

Wag you later!


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