Roobarb the Rescue from New York Interview

This week’s interview is from a pup that could be my twin…from another mother…and father! Anyways, he lives in New York City, with his Mom, and has adventures daily! I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I did!

Mama and I saw on Instagram recently that Roobarb had to wear the “cone of shame,” can you tell my readers about that?

It was something so unglamorous as an infected gland! Had to be sedated, cut up and cleaned. He was a little dizzy after, and didn’t protest being put in a bag and carried home! Ended up wearing the cone for only one day, because he hated it so much, and the vet had given me clearance to take it off, as long as I kept a close eye on him.

And hopefully he’s doing much better now?

He’s doing fine! No butt problems!

He’s part of the “big ear club,” what kind of dog is Roobarb?

I don’t know how accurate it is, but a DNA test said he’s a Chihuahua-Mini Pincher, with Pekingese and Australian Shepherd grandparents, so quite the mix!

I saw that Roobarb is a rescue, how old was he when you got him? And how old is he now?

He was adopted in September of last year, and was two-and-a-half, he’ll be three in April.

You live in New York, what’s it like for Roobarb, living in a big city? What kind of wildlife do you guys see?

It’s noisy and full of people! He loves garbage, and we have plenty of it on the streets! He was rescued from the Bronx, so I think he’s a real city boy. One big plus is the abundance of dogs everywhere! Plenty of play time on our walkies! The wildlife is a little limited, consisting of squirrels, which he’s obsessed with! And the odd rat and pigeons!

Is there a story behind his name?

His name is a mix of rhubarb, a favorite pie, and he’s red! Also, it’s from a British children’s t.v. show from the seventies called Roobarb and Custard, about a dumb, but sweet dog and his enemy neighbor, the cat, Custard.

Imagine it’s the weekend, Roobarb’s perfect weekend, what would you guys spend it doing?

After a yummy breakfast, we go to the park and spend a long time just getting dirty and rummaging around the woods! Chasing squirrels and ducks! Sharing a hotdog! And then going back home, to gnaw on a meaty bone, followed by a nap on the couch.

Describe his personality:

A little weary of people, full of energy, and up for anything. Curious about everything! It’s fun to see how much he’s changed in the time since we’ve gotten him. He’s a lot more confident. He was very nervous and scared that I would leave him, but now, he’s much cooler about everything. An easy going sweetheart is what he is!

When I’ve done something I’m not supposed to do (eat the kitty food), and I get caught, I roll to show my belly, and wag my tail to look pitiful, what does Roobarb do?

He’s a really good boy, and doesn’t really do anything bad, and is very respectful of our stuff. But, he has pooped on the floor a couple of times. I could tell he was embarrassed, and felt so bad about it! Poor thing, poop happens!

I see he graduated from Obedience School! What was that like? How long was he in it? And what did he learn?

We went weekly for a month, just to go through the basics. He kept his cool and did what he was supposed to do, while some of the dogs were nuts and barked! Roobarb learned to sit, lay, stand, and he learned hand signs. Oh! And impulse control! Next time we want to try urban agility!

I love wearing outfits and bowties, and I see he’s worn some stylish sweaters! Which is his favorite, and can we see a picture?

Since he’s practically bald on his chest and tummy, he kind of needs a sweater or jacket! He doesn’t mind wearing it, and almost seems proud when he does, like his Canada pooch jacket!

Does he have toys? (I call them babies, and have an entire bin full of them!) How many do he have, and which is his favorite?

He had two favorites, both plushies! A snowman yeti and a turkey/eagle. He has to sleep with both of them every night. If they are missing, he has to go look for them. Roobarb doesn’t understand what could possibly be fun about balls, but loves his Kong (purely for snack reasons though).

He looks a lot like me! (I think we could be twins!) How much does he weigh? (I’m 16lbs)

About fourteen pounds! He gained a little over the cold Christmas season!

Roobarb can only eat one treat for the rest of his life (besides normal pup food), what would he pick?

A meaty marrow bone! A bonus with that is that his teeth are much better because of it, and all the tartar is gone!

I saw that you all love going to Central Park! Wow! That’s a famous park, and I know lots of people go there! What do you do? And does he love all the people, or do they make him nervous?
I don’t think Roobarb has ever been to a place like that before, and I felt sorry for him to only walk on pavement all the time! But, I’ve never seen a happier dog! I know the park well, so we walked on the side with less people and more grass. He had fun chasing squirrels, and was very fascinated by the little lakes and streams. He goes wild when he hears the water! We walk all the way to the Harlem area called the North Woods, so he gets to experience the forest. Our record walk is six hours! He doesn’t care about the people or even other dogs, he’s too busy with nature.

Does he have any fur-siblings? (If so: what are they? What are their names) (If not: do you have any plans on adopting again?)

No fur brothers or sisters at the moment, but I’d love to get another dog later on!

Bodie: Wow! I was right when I said we could be twins! I weight sixteen pounds, which makes me only barely bigger than Roobarb! I strut my stuff when I’m wearing clothes, and I’m also mostly naked on my chest and belly! One HUGE difference we have is that I can’t help but notice people in busy areas, on walks. I don’t always bark, but I do sometimes, and that’s when Mama tugs on my harness to get my attention. And a six hour walk sounds AMAZING!

Roobarb sounds like Roobard.Activeboy, and I think I could definitely keep up! And I bet he will love the day when he has a fur sibling. In the meantime, he gets the pleasure of not having to share his treats and bones, and plushies.

Find Roobarb on Instagram (roobarbtherescue)


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