Chloe Belledoodle (Sass Queen) Interview

It’s that time of the week again! The time of the week when I get to introduce you to another one of my friends! Everyone say hi to Chloe!

Chloe is a rescue, like me! And according to her Mama, she is a sass-queen! I love a puppy that knows what they want, because my Mimi taught me, when I first became a part of the family, that I have to let my voice be heard. And now I do!

Chloe’s Mama helps us get to know her better, and of course, Miss Chloe herself barks in her opinion from time to time. After reading this, I predict that EVERYONE will want to be Chloe’s friend. And lucky for all of you, I know just where you can find her social media. You have to read to the end though!

So, Chloe Mama, where do you, and Chloe, and the rest of the family live?

Chloe Mama: Wilmington, North Carolina

What kind of dog is Chloe? And how old is she?

Chloe Mama: Chloe is a labradoodle mix, she is a rescue, so we aren’t entirely sure of her breed! She is four and a half months old!

How long has Chloe been a part of the family? And does she have any fur siblings? (If so, tell our readers about him/her/them!)

Chloe Mama: She has been in our family since January 10th, so almost a month! And yes, she has two fur-sisters, Paisley, who’s a border collie and Zoey who’s a husky!

I was rescued from the Humane Society of Memphis, where is Chloe from?

Chloe Mama: She’s from Anchor Your Heart Rescue & Education in Wilmington, NC.

Describe Chloe’s personality:

Chloe Mama: Chloe is a major sass queen. She will test us, and try to get away with everything. She loves to bark back at her paw-rents. But, she’s also as sweet as can be, when she decides to. She loves cuddling with Mom and Dad!

What is your favorite memory so far, Chloe?

Chloe: My favorite memory so far is the second day with my Mom! She took me all around Petsmart to buy treats, toys and food. Then, I got a treat from Sonic, and she let me ride shotgun!

What’s your favorite activity?

Chloe: My favorite activity is the dog park. I love going on the Big Dog Park side!!

I love to wear bowties. Do you have a favorite clothing/clothing type item to wear?

Chloe: I LOVE bandanas!! I always pick out my “dana” for the day, based on my current mood!

Do you know any tricks?

Chloe: I know shake, high-five, wait, leave it, roll over, sit, and lay down.

What’s the story behind Chloe’s name?

Chloe Mama: There’s no big story behind her name, I’ve just always loved the name Chloe!! We originally wanted a boy puppy, and were going to name him Waylon, but we saw Chloe and fell in love! It was the first name to come to my head, and she loved it from day one!

What inspired you to start an Instagram account?

Chloe Mama: I just wanted somewhere to share Chloe’s journey of growing up, and spread awareness on adopting rescue dogs. And of course to show off her cute pictures!

Okay, this one is for fun: If you could have any super power, what would it be, and why?

Chloe: I would love to be invisible! I’d be able to go everywhere Mom goes, even if dogs aren’t allowed!

One of my fears is the sound plastic bags make: What’s a fear you have?

Chloe: I have no fears! Literally, I’m not afraid of anything! I’ll run into the deep ocean, and up to big dogs! I’ll do it all!

Is there anything important you want the readers to know about you? About your breed?

Chloe: Just that I am a labradoodle mix, even though I don’t have curly hair. There is such a thing as a straight coat labradoodle! So don’t say I don’t look like a doodle. I’m just happy and proud of my breed,

Everyone says they don’t have favorites, but we all have one: Who’s your favorite human in your life?

Chloe: I love my parents equally, I can’t pick!

Chloe: You can only eat one treat (beside regular puppy food of course), for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ice cubes or Pure Bites (Chicken Flavor)! Yummy!

Lastly: What is the funniest thing your paw-rents have caught you doing?

Chloe: My paw-rents catch me drinking out of da toilet a lot, and laugh. Their favorite funny thing I do is talk to them! I LOVEEEEE letting out whines and weird noises in the morning to tell them to wake up!

Bodie: Firstly, I have to say … I’ve never tried toilet water, and it makes we wonder what it tastes like! But, I’ll probably never find out, because I’m too short to get in there without standing on my hind legs, and I don’t think I could get the lid open if I tried!

Also, personally I’m jealous of Chloe! She’s not afraid of anything?!?! Guess me and a few of my friends have enough fears to make up for Chloe’s lack of. (Hint: this friend is next week’s interview … and she’s a doodle too!!)

Lastly, I am ashamed. Of myself that is! I’m almost four years old, and the only command I know is sit! I blame Mama! She’s fallen behind. How else am I supposed to learn these things, woman?!? If you’re reading this, you need to bark at my Mama on Instagram, and let her know she needs to step up her game.

Any questions or comments for Chloe?

This is where you find her!:

Find Chloe on Instagram (@chloe_belledoodle)
Use her code CLOE15 for a discount @pawswithstyle

AND: Follow her sister’s Instagram (@paisleymaethemix)


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