March Pup-Date

The votes are in, and you all wanted a pup-date blog!

 Let’s see…

Well, first let’s cover the detail that is most important!

Mama started working full time! That means she isn’t home with me as much, but she said it means I get more bones and treats…so I GUESS I’ll survive. I go to my Mimi’s house Monday through Friday now and play with my sister’s Gypsy and Tear all day. Mimi has a big backyard, which I don’t have at the apartment complex, and she also has a bunch of gardens. I’m not supposed to dig, but Mimi lets me (she says what Mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her!)! Plus I’m doing it to help make sleepy spots for all of Mimi’s flowers. I also get a lot of zoomies in, and I get to drink from a pond with fish in it! It’s so refreshing. I recommend all my friends play it.

In other news, Mama and I have started buying a few things for my giveaway. So far, we have a pet candle (Mama says it’s for stinky puppy farts…I say it’s for Daddy farts) because Mama says fur parents deserve a gift too. I picked out a Bark Box toy (they sell them at Target!), but I won’t say what it is! You’ll have to keep an eye out for my live giveaway announcement! I bought a double ended rope toy for the winner (so you and a friend can play tug – o’ – war), some poo bags, and a poo bag dispenser shaped like a bone. I’ll probably throw in one of my ties, even though I have a sponsor donating a tie and a bandana! And last, I have to pick out a bag of soft treats, and a bag of chewy treats! Don’t worry they will be paw-picked by me, and will be delicious! Oooooo I think I’ll also convince Mama to add some duck feet to the loot…if you haven’t tried duck feet, YOU NEED TO!!

Other than preparing for that…Mama and Daddy have been working on my training, and say I’m getting much better around strange dogs and people. I still don’t know how to shake, but I did learn to drop my ball when I’m playing with Daddy. And I know “Stay,” mostly. I say mostly…because, well, sometimes the treats are too good to resist!

I’ve been going live more often! And I got told I have a cute butt today!! And two famous puppies Twilight & Thursday watched my live stream tonight! I was SO excited!

Also, my Mama finally found the DNA testing site that everyone’s been sharing and is considering finding out what mix of pups I am!! I’ll let you all take guesses on Instagram before my results come in.

I can’t think of too much else that’s been going on, but I’ll sure keep you up to date.

Also: If you read this: Let me know on the picture I post tonight … would any of my friends be interested in receiving one of my favorite toys … no not my EXACT toy, but one JUST like it … a blue hamburger?!? It has a squeaker too! Mama says it looks molding because its blue .. I say blue is one of the only colors I trust!

Until Next Time,
Bodie & Mama


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