Mia the Doodette Interview

Mia is one of the first friends I gained when I started Instagram, and of course I followed her back! Have you seen how cute she is?!?! I won’t spill any treats (get it: humans call it spilling tea), because I want you to find out about Mia yourself!! So, take a wag through! And get to know Mia!! 

How did you come to have the name Mia?

I’m not too sure. I just asked Big Sis and she said, “You looked like a Mia from the start!”

How old are you?

I was born on October 27th, 2017, which makes me a little over 4 months old. I’m still a little puppy, and can’t wait to have longer paws so that I can counter surf for food…especially cheese!

In one of your posts, you said you couldn’t wait until you could climb the stairs. Can you do it yet?

As a little pup, I was always so curious as to what the hoomans were doing upstairs, in the forbidden land. I tried to get a head start, running to jump on the stairs, but I ended up crashing, often. Then one day, I jumped up and landed on the stairs. It was so cool that I kept running up! When I realized all of the hoomans were downstairs, it was too late! I couldn’t get back down!! I would bark and growl until someone helped me. Now, though, I’m a stair climbing pro! I hop down the stairs more than run, but hey, as long as I make it down, right?!? Sometimes I get a little too excited coming down, and slide.

What did you think of your first snow?

That white fluffy stuff is so awesome! I could live without the snowballs though…I was covered in. I like to stick my face into the snow and eat it. I’m still small, so if it snows a lot, you can only see the top of my head!

And I’ve seen “snow boots,” happen to lots of long haired puppies! Did you get snow stuck in clumps to you? And how did you get it off? Did you feel like and abominable snowman?!?!

When I came home and saw myself in the mirror, I was shocked! Those “snow boots” looked like cotton balls stuck to me! The house was warm and toasty, so they melted off quickly. Especially when my sister sat me in the bath tub (no water of course) and melted them with the blow dryer!

I saw your Big Sis gave you a carrot. Did you eat it? I hate them! And sweet potatoes! What’s your verdict?

When she first put the “carrot” on the floor, I was so confused. I didn’t know what it was, if I was going to get to eat it, or if it was a toy. When I started to lick and chew, it tasted like magic! I got it everywhere, on my paws and smudged it all over the floor. I also love apples, but they have to be eaten off the floor, and never from a hooman hand – can’t ruin the taste! I hear a lot of pups like peanut butter, but we have peanut allergies in the household, so I have to be respectful of the hoomans. It’s okay though, because I have tons of treats that taste delicious!

 You’re a Labradoodle: What breeds is that a combo of, and how big will you get?

I’m an Australian Labradoodle, which is a mix of a Poodle and a Labrador. My family needed a hypo-allergenic dog, and since I have hair, I seemed to be the perfect fit. I come from PineLodge Labradoodles in Oregon. I got to fly on the big plane with another pup and a hooman to get to my forever family. Big Sis was there to meet me. I started licking her and haven’t stopped since. I’m a “mini” labradoodle, and am estimated to be between 17-25 pounds. I seem to be on the smaller side compared to my siblings. I may be small, but I have a big heart!

Your big sister is studying to be a pharmacist, right? How’s that going? And are you still her studying side-kick?

Big Sis graduated in 2017 and she’s Dr. Big Sis in the household! I tried to read her notes, to follow in the legal drug dealing footsteps, but I’m the worst student! I just want to sleep and play all day…and eat treats! Big Sis might go to medical school, but she’s not too sure yet. I’m trying to convince her to take me with though!

What’s your biggest “LOL,” moment? (Something you did, and Mama and Big Sis couldn’t stop laughing at)

When I was a little puppy, I spotted my first bottle of Pepsi Max, and boy did I go crazy! I dragged the bottle to the living room, and I was so scared of it that I kept barking and hopping all over the place. I guess you could say I prefer Pepsi over Coke!

Where do you live? (And if you don’t want to answer specifically, is it a big city/small city/town/country?

I live on the East Coast in the suburbs. It would be nicer if I wasn’t so scared of the outside world. I live with my Mom and Dad, and my Big Sis. Big Sis had the honor of picking me, and I am so lucky she fell in love with my pictures!

What’s a typical day in the life of Mia look like?

Well, I wake up early in the morning – around 5am. Dad goes to work, so he takes me outside, but I’m a sleepy pup and it’s more like he’s dragging me outside… After my walk, I usually sneak into Big Sister’s room and wake her up with a ton of licks. She’s so sleepy at 5am that she doesn’t even notice me! Then I go back to sleep until Mom wakes up to go to work and feeds me. Mom leaves, and Big Sis comes downstairs to take me on my second walk. When she goes to work, I have a whole three hours to myself: to sleep, and play, and sleep, and play some more! Then Dad comes home and we play tons of games. When Mom and Sis come home, my tail goes to wagging crazy! Sis feeds me dinner, and we go for ANOTHER walk! The rest of the night is spent on the couch with plenty of cuddles. If I’m being a really good pup, Big Sis takes me to her room, and I get to chew on some stuffed animals.

We’ve talked on Instagram, and I know you are a “scaredy pup,” like me! Can you tell us what specifically scares us? And which one are you the MOST scared of?

What scares me? Everything! At home, I’m a brave pup! As soon as I step outside…Forget it! There are way too many big dogs out there in the big world. The leaves make noises when the wind blows, and the cars are all over the place, and doors slam, and I hear birds, and see cats…and I just want to go home! I can be getting ready to pee and if I hear a noise, I forget that I’m peeing and run home! During most of my walks, Big Sis has to drag me through thr streets.

Any plans to go live on Instagram?

I don’t know if I will go live on Instagram. I have a bit of ADHD and can’t stay still for more than a second! There are too many interesting things happening all around me!

It’s your turn to plan the perfect playdate, with me! What would we do?!

Oh Boy! We would eat UGGS of course! Just kidding! We would first hunt for some cheese and apples, then we would watch Air Bud, and then we would play indoors, and THEN we would chew UGGS!

What was the first toy your paw-rents got you? And do you still have it?

The first toy I ever had was a tennis ball. No matter what I’m doing, if I hear that ball squeak, I’m running towards it. I still have it, but I think it’s time for a new tennis ball. My favorite toy, however, is something called the “UGG” shoe. My sister says it’s not a toy, and its expensive, but I mean …why is it so fuzzy then?

Is there anything that wasn’t covered that you’d like my readers know about you?

I’m just a small pup trying to bring happiness to everyone around me!

Bodie: Wow! It’s good to know that there is another pup out there scared of EVERYTHING! Mama says I’m doing better lately because I walked past a neighbor without making a sound, but then today I back-tracked by barking at the mail lady! I can’t help it, I SWEAR! It’s great that you love carrots, Mia…but I don’t think even you could convince me to eat one! I’ll stick to bananas. Although I am curious about this cheese and apples playdate … and to end it chewing UGGS! I didn’t even know what an UGG was before I read this, but I made Mama google it for me…and if the pictures do them any justice! They look chew-tastic! And there’s two of them, perfect for two puppies!! Last, I will say, that while I count Mia as one of my longest friends, she also makes me jealous! She’s already been on a plane and she’s only four months old! She may as well have been to space! Maybe I’ll get to ride on a plane one day!!

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