My First Adventure Part II

             Bodie, Mia, Rocky, Ruger and Max had formed a tight circle, their tails all meeting in the center.
            “I knew I should have had more peanut butter after breakfast,” said Rocky. “Mama just bought a new jar too!”
            “Looks like we’ll be lucky if we even smell peanut butter again,” said Ruger.
            “Who cares about that when my UGG has been abandoned,” said Mia. Her voice had gone shrill.
            Several feet away lay the UGG, visible but enveloped by a shadow that had taken over the sky. The sun had moved since their morning adventure began. In his haste to join his friends, Max had tripped over the UGG, skid across his face on the forest floor, and tipped to his side, before scurrying to join them. He looked at Mia with side eyes, but couldn’t tell if she was glaring at him because of all the fluff.
            “Worst. Day. Ever,” she said, “And I was supposed to get my first haircut.”
            Somehow Ruger had managed to snatch his donuts, and tossed one perfectly to land on Bodie’s tail.
            The shadows of the trees swayed on the ground and the leaves rustled.
            “Wind,” said Bodie. “I hate the wind!”
            As it picked up, another sound joined it. It started out as a low hum, but rose several octaves in a matter of seconds. Each dogs head had risen, ready to spy on the cats overhead, again.
            “They’re,” said Rocky.
            “Hissing,” said Ruger.
            The hissing had risen so that by the time Max spoke, he forced his words out in a scream,
            “Did you say pissing?”
            “Hissing,” yelled Rocky in frustration.
            “No I don’t have to,” said Max, again in a scream, “Maybe in a few minutes!”
            The cats had arched their backs, and their tails had gone thick and puffy. It brought to Bodie’s mind the dusting wand Mama used when she cleaned. Oh I hope I get to chase it again, he thought. Somehow, even though there was still plenty of light in the day, the eyes of the cats glowed, varying shades of orange and their whiskers had gone straight.
            The darker line of fur on Bodie’s back rose, Ruger stifled a bark, and Max took a small step forward, which alerted the other cats. They swayed in his direction, leering down at him.
            “Uh, guys,” said Mia. “Might wanna concentrate on THAT one.” She pronounced each word harshly, her patience running thin.
            The boys’ eyes collectively moved to the large cat that had landed on all fours, and now sat in front of the UGG cleaning its front paw.
            “Mum hid all the straws,” said the cat. “And I need a new toy. This boot looks promising.”
            “Don’t you -!” Mia was cut off mid-sentence.
            “Mr. Tom fancies a new toy,” said the cat. “I already killed Mums, and this one doesn’t seem properly dead.” He flopped on top of it, pulling it into himself and gnawing at it viciously. Small bits of boot sprinkled into the air.
            “That’s enough,” said Mia, yelling! “Don’t take one more bite out of that UGG!”
            The wind picked up and pushed the fur away from her eyes. Her tiny, dark eyes gave away her fear, and Little Tom laughed. “Ladies!” he said. “Would you help me with this UGG?” Two cats jumped down, and came to Tom’s side. “Mina, Elsie, there will be extra treats for you tonight. And even more if you can help me find where my Mum hid the straws.”
            Mina and Elsie purred in reply, each taking a portion of the UGG and drawing it generously backwards. Mr. Tom had picked up the front portion, and the three of them had moved a significant distance when a loud flapping pierced the air.
            “Is that a helicopter,” said Bode. His ears were far too big and sensitive to the sound, making him wince and paw at his own nose.
            “Birds,” said Rocky, Max, and Ruger in unison.
            “A whole flock of them,” said Mia. “DUCCCCCKK!”
            She lay flat, in full sploot, the boys, minus Max, copying the movement.
            “Those aren’t ducks, they’re – OH! Duck!”
            Max splooted as the last crow breezed by.
            “Scatter,” said Tom into the air. The cats in the trees stayed overhead, traveling across the many branches and out of site. Mr. Tom, Mina and Elsie had taken off at full speed and disappeared before the pups realized it was okay to stand.
            The birds had landed quietly on the ground, and were talking to one another. One particularly large Crow stepped forward, turning his head to get a better view.
            “Mr. Tom isn’t a bad cat,” said the Crow. “I’m afraid he is just far too eager to turn anything into a toy.”
            “Well that TOY,” was my UGG, said Mia!
            “I still think donuts are pretty cool,” said Ruger.
            “And I JUST got a girlfriend,” said Rocky. “I’ll never have my first kiss!”
            “If you want to see the UGG again, you must go to the abandoned house,” said the Crow.
            “I really have to pee,” said Max.
            “Where’s this house,” said Bodie.
            “Across the creek. And a five minute flight from there. In the valley.”
            “But we don’t fly,” said Rocky.
            “Then I’d suggest you get to walking,” said the Crow.

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**Disclaimer: Mr. Tom, Mina and Elsie are all great friends. And not evil in anyway. Its called fiction for a reason. Plus, I think anyone would have fun playing a villian!**

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