My First Adventure

            Before my story begins, I want to say two things:
(1)  Yes, my Mama helped me with this, hands are better at typing than paws.
(2)  I’m a well- read pup, because we have story time all the time!

(Disclaimer: This story may or may not be true. I’ll leave it up to my friends to decide!)

            The forest path was well worn, and the shadows from the trees danced on it. Bodie had decided to wear his super hero bandana that day, because it was his first time venturing into the woods without Mama. She had work in the city, and Bode had promised to be a good boy and return home before the sun went down. Bode put his first paw onto the path, only looking back once at the sunlit house, with his head turned he could smell the treat he’d stored next to his neck, tucked tight in the bandana. His kitties, Pip and Baron were both asleep in the windows, half of their furry bodies drooping on the edge of the window sill.

            There weren’t many mornings he’d have been up so early, but adventure was begging to be sniffed out, and he’d dreamed about it all night. It was the first day of Spring, but already it had begun to warm up. The grass that hugged the forest path was damp with dew, and Bodie tipped his head to lick up several drops. It was cool on his tongue, and the tips of grass tickled his nose. His ears were perked, well always, but he could clearly hear the singing birds overhead, and he silently hoped he could dodge any bombs they were preparing to drop. Bodie didn’t trust any creature that could fly, but he figured they didn’t really mean him any harm. What was that saying about early birds and worms? All he knew was that he wasn’t out to steal any of those!
            After the first few steps, Bodie lost track of how long he’d been walking, but it had to have been awhile, because he was just beginning to pick up the scent of the nearby creek. He could hear the water trickling over the rocks, and it made him realize how thirsty he was. Moving at a trot, he reached its edge and took three gulps. He was just about to reach for his bandana treat, when the bramble behind him rustled. Bodie turned around quickly, the darker line of brown fur on his back rising into a short Mohawk. The bramble bush shook, and leaves flew from it in an explosion, and Bodie saw a blur zip through the air. <BaM!> Bodie was knocked to his back, wriggling like a roly poly, struggling to get to his feet. He opened his eyes, and saw the slobbery beard of Max inches from his chest.

            “I thought superheroes weren’t supposed to be scared of anything,” said Max and pawed at Bodie’s face, taunting him. After several playful passes, Max stepped back, and Bodie sprang forward.
            “I didn’t know there was going to be an ambush,” said Bodie, and checked that his treat was still securely tucked in the bandana.
            “You know Max,” said Rocky. “Always the trickster, and still full of energy. We haven’t even eaten lunch yet!” Rocky’s short legs moved at double speed to reach Max and Bodie. “We left the house as soon as Mom took the boy to school,” he said.
            “Has anyone seen…”
            Bodie didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence when they heard a sing-song voice hit the air.
            “Everyone’s favorite Doodle is here,” said Mia. Her fur had grown out quite a bit, and the brown marshmallow fluff nearly covered her eyes. She was dragging her favorite UGG behind her. “A little help, guys?”

            Bodie closed the distance between them, and grabbed the other end of the boot. It had picked up several leaves, and a streak of mud on Mia’s journey, but it smelled great. And the texture was AMAZING … Bodie knew he had to convince Mama he needed an UGG ASAP!
            “Won’t your sister be missing that,” he said.
            “Nah. She’s studying to become a doctor now, plus boot season is over. By the time she realizes next winter, she’ll just think she misplaced it.”
            Rocky approached the boot, and nipped at it, taking in the scent of Mia’s journey from home. Max had become distracted by the darting tadpoles in the creek. He breathed bubbles into the water, eager to catch just one.
            “He wouldn’t even know what to do with a tadpole if he caught one,” said Rocky, and pulled a stick on top of the boot to chew. His dapple fur stood out against the fresh green of the growing forest.
            They continued to talk, hovered over the UGG when they heard several muffled yips in the distance. 

            Ruger. He always had to make a grand entrance. Ruger bounded in, at full speed, clenching his paws to the dirt, and skidded to a halt. The toy donut he’d carried on his nose fell to the ground, and rolled near the UGG, but the one on his tail stayed in place.
            “Score,” he said. “That’s why I always carry a spare!”
            He nudged a donut towards Bodie. “This is what I was talking about. Isn’t it great?!?”
            Bodie was fascinated by the brightly colored donut.
            “The icing looks so real,” he said.
            “Yea, but trust me. It don’t taste so real if you tear it open,” said Ruger. He sat, and the tail donut twirled to the ground, landing at Mia’s feet.
            She laid down, and rested her chin on the donut, and squinted to see through the mass of fluff in front of her eyes.
            It didn’t take long for Bodie and his friends to fall fast asleep.
            Max had fallen asleep with his front paw in the creek, and peed while sleeping.
            They were all sleeping peacefully, Mia kicking her back paws as she chased an imaginary squirrel, and Rocky made short snoring noises. Thuds and pops began to hit the ground around them, and they bolted away, even Max, to stand on all fours. Acorns! Falling from the sky, like rain.
            “Uh-oh,” said Mia. “Squirrels?”
            “Nothing so fun,” said Rocky with a gulp. His eyes had darted overhead, and he looked nervous.
            “Cats,” said Ruger.
            “The enemy,” said Bode.
            “What?! Said Max at a near scream.
            “Shhhhhhh. Quiet down, Max," said Rocky. "Brothers,"he mumbled under his breath."
            “My UGG,” whimpered Mia.
            “Don’t move,” said Bode.

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Until next time,
-Bodie & Mama

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