My First Adventure (Finale)

My First Adventure (Finale)

            Mia sunk her teeth into the UGG, and sighed. Then stood abruptly and sneezed, “smells like cat,” she said. “It’s time to get you home old friend.”
            The boys had settled into sniffing around the abandoned house. Ruger had his butt in the air, and his nose pressed to the floor beneath a broken heating unit.
            “There’s something under there,” he said, his nugget tail wagging. Ruger clawed at the floor viciously. Finally, his paw swiped and pulled it out. “A green bean! I’m starving,” he said
Nobody was paying attention and he chomped it down happily.
            “Well, we’re not staying here all night,” said Mia, referring to her and the UGG.
            “Didn’t you say something about a giant hole,” said Rocky. He’d moved, to meerkat on his hind legs and cautiously looked out the open door.
            “It’s on the side of the house,” said Max. “I saw it on our way down. Looks like a great hole to pee in!”
            Max raced outside, the rest of the pups following suit. The meadow in front of the house was a circus of cats diving through the air, desperately attempting to catch the mice, and missing terribly. Tom grabbed another claw full of air, and let out a yowl. “This is worse than when Mum hides the straws from me!”
            Oscar had grown too lazy, and found a spot to rest in the sun. He looked like an orange potato.  Mina and Elsie were stalking mice in a team effort, but also failing horribly. Max was the first to reach the hole, and stopped at its edge to look down. He hiked his leg, and peed. Rocky rolled his eyes, and Bodie snickered.
            “If we can lure the cats into that hole, said Mia. “They might just stay trapped long enough for us to escape.
            “How are we supposed to do that,” said Ruger.
            That’s when the idea hit Bodie. “The treat in my bandana,” he said. “Baron and Pip go crazy over my treats!” He nosed his Marvel bandana, and gently pulled the treat out with the tips of his teeth. In the air, the soft treat had begun to go stale, but it still smelled delicious. Everyone’s stomach growled at the site of it.
            “Wonder what I’ll do with this TREAT,” said Bodie, yelling into the air.
            The movement from the mice and cats in the grass had seized, as the sky began to darken. Heavy clouds hung low, and a cool breeze shifted the temperature to near chilly. Mia had stayed near the house, protecting the UGG, when her eyes widened.
            “Guys! Their coming,” she said.
            Bodie, Ruger, Max and Rocky squinted into the tall grass, motionless. The treat was still gripped in Bodie’s teeth. All was still for a split second, and then they saw them. Dozens of whipping tails swimming through the grass like sharks.
            Tom led the hoard, and at the last moment let out a Viking yell, “get me that treat!”
            The cats had spread out to form a wide semi-circle, about to pounce Bode. Max jumped in front, and swooped around like a furry ninja. A stream of pee arched through the sky, like a yellow rainbow. The cats hissed, and ducked, stalking away at light speed. There were three cats that were unfazed though (Besides, Oscar, he was still a potato, although he’d evolved to a sleeping potato).
            “Ladies,” said Tom. “You get me that treat, and I’ll share my kingdom with you.”
            Mina and Elsie stalked forward slowly. Max was still in front of Bodie, and Ruger was off to the side. Rocky had gone to stand with Mia. Can I have more than one girlfriend? He thought.
            “Ah! I’m out,” said Max. “Anyone got any water?!
            Mina and Elsie were low to the ground, about to strike, when a loud boom filled the air. Lightning danced across the sky. It smelled of rain.
            “Sorry Tom, not worth it,” said the girls, and took off in the direction of home.
            “You want something done right, you do it yourself,” said Tom beneath his breath.
            He jumped off his back feet like a kangaroo, ready to pounce Bode.
            Everything seemed to slow down, and Tom hung in the air, as Ruger yelled.
            “Bode! The donut! Boop the donut!”
            Ruger flung his back end in the air, letting the donut fly off of his nugget tail.
            In his hurry, Bodie dropped the treat, and went for it. The donut had been thrown low enough that when Bode jumped just slightly it touched the tip of his nose, and ploughed into Tom, knocking him towards the hole. Mr. Tom caught the edge of the hole, and dug his claws into the dirt.
            “I should have stayed home,” he said with a hiss.
            The donut plummeted into the depths of the hole. Ruger gazed down at the donut resting in its bottom. “Meh, I’ve got like five more at home,” he said. “Remind me to give you one Bodie.”
            Mia and Rocky had joined the rest, and stood, watching Tom struggle to pull himself up. Max, began to hike his leg.
            “Too far,” said Rocky.
            Just as they began to laugh, Oscar crashed by, and scooped up Tom by the nape of his neck.
            “Can I sit in your kitchen window throne,” he said. “The chair at home has gotten boring.”
            Tom glared back at the pups, his tail flicking furiously. “We’ll talk when we get far enough from him. I do have a rather nice garden you might enjoy.”
            They took off, just as the first sprinkled of rain fell through the air.
            “Great, guess this means we’re all getting baths tonight,” said Mia.
            Max suddenly pressed his nose to the ground, grabbing a mouth full of dirt. In between chews, he mumbled, “found the treat,” he said. “My mom makes better.”
            Another chorus of thunder rumbled through the area, and it was nearly dark.
            “It’s time to get out of here,” said Rocky, and side eyed Mia when she wasn’t looking.
            “I don’t know how I’m going to explain this UGG to sis,” said Mia.
            “Hey! It’s been five minutes since I peed,” said Max.
            “Let’s have a slumber party at my house,” said Bodie. “I have so many treats and bones! I’ll even provide pillows.”
            They all agreed to a slumber party, because none of them wanted to face the wrath of their paw-rents.
            “My Mama will call all of yours,” said Bodie.
            Everyone was exhausted, and Mia had the Ugg tight in her mouth. Rocky moved next to her, and helped carry some of the weight. Ruger wondered if he could find a green bean at Bodie’s house.
“Oh, and Max,” said Bodie. “No peeing in my house.”

Well friends! My first adventure has come and gone, and I have to say ... what a DOOZY! I'm wiped. And for good reason, what a journey! I hope everyone enjoyed my first attempt at story telling, and that you all stick around for the beginning of a new adventure, with a group of different friends. 

While you wait for that, make sure to check out my friends on Instagram that made appearances in this story. I guarantee you won't regret it!


Until Next Time, 
Bodie & Mama



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