[Achievement Unlocked]: Big Brother

[Achievement Unlocked]: Big Brother

May 18th, 2018
The love-seat. Just me and my blanket.

If you read this, know that at one point I had the life. I was an only pup. Let this serve as a warning. It could happen to any of you. 

Day One: There I was, ready to greet Mama at the door, as she walked in. I jumped to hug her leg, as always, when I saw HIM. The gremlin that was wrapped in her arms! He was black like soot, with smears of doo doo brown all over, and his but wiggled underneath her elbow. Mama sat on the couch, and I howled my war-cry! Arooooooooo!! Arooo Rooo Roooo! There’s a stranger in my Mimi’s house! Sitting on my Mimi’s couch! Mama put the little gremlin down, and he shot off the couch, I tried to cut him off by puffing out my chest and continuing my war cry. And he pushed past me, straight for the water bowl! Can you believe that?!? Pushed past Bodie.Goodboy!

 It wasn’t long after that Mama told me the gremlin was my new baby brother!!

Um? Excuse Me?!?! I don’t remember approving this! Also, she said I had to stop calling him a gremlin, because he is in fact a dog. The gremlin’s name is Zeke.

My besties, Tear and Gypsy didn’t even care that he was there! Was I the only one that saw him?!? My Mimi wasn’t there that day, thank Pup, but he cuddled my PooPoo (grandpa)…and fell asleep next to him.

The shock really began to set in, and I don’t remember the next few hours. Did I eat? I don’t know. Play? Perhaps. Learn a new trick? Not likely.

The next thing I knew, we were at home. Just the three of us. The gremlin walked on MY floor, jumped on MY couch, cuddled MY Mama.

And worst of all friends…at the end of the night, he slept in MY bed!!!!

Day Two: I still won’t touch the stuffed snake that the gremlin got me. And I won’t eat treats after he’s slobbered all over Mama’s fingers! If you know me, you know I DO NOT pass on treats. EVER! The only one on my side is Pip, and let’s face it. She’s a free woman, the only side she’s ever on is her own.

I ended up with a moment of good luck: a trip to the pet store, with Mama, Mimi, and PooPoo. The gremlin went too, but I just ignored him. Got some new toys. Who cares. The greatest news was that the gremlin got a cone, because he wouldn’t stop messing with the stitches on his twinkie.  And he looked RIDICULOUS! Seriously! He could be a flotation device. If I liked the water, I’d get in the pool and use his cone as a treat shelf while he was still in it.

Day Three: I don’t know how much more I can take. The gremlin: Zeke (Mama is insisting that I call him by his name) butt scooted on MY carpet in the living room! Uh! There can’t be two of us doing that! Does he have any idea how long it took me to get MY butt smell on every square inch of that thing?!?!

He started to play with my emoji ball, but can’t get it when it rolls on the tiles. Mama just gets it for him, and he’s happy again. Meanwhile, I’m on my blanket ALONE!

Daddy came back. And he paid attention to me first, but kissed the grem…Zeke too.
We piled into bed. I was under the blanket, cuddling Mama like always, drifting into my puppy sleep. It started to rain, and the gr...Zeke was scared of the thunder. Mama took him downstairs to sleep on the couch.

I didn’t know what to do! Stay with Daddy? Go with Mama? So I went downstairs and laid on the loveseat. Mama told me to cuddle her, but I closed my eyes. It was freezing, and I shivered as they fell asleep.

They were out. I went back upstairs, and slept with Daddy. He snores.

Day Four: Okay, he’s crossed a line now! He’s dragged my favorite monkey toy out of MY toy bin. Then he went outside and peed on MY bush. He even put his slimy, wet nose up my butt while I was pooping. He should have stayed a little longer for a soft serve surprise.

First full day at Mimi’s and she said we were both good. I’m still disgusted.

The torture has gotten worse, and it’s becoming unbearable.  I had to share my walk with Zeke. And my live stream.

My friends loved him.

Have they all abandoned me?

Do I have no one on my side.

Mama changed my Instagram Account name. It's now: Brothers.Goodboy

I'm speechless. 

Day Five: I got distracted. It was early and I saw one of my toys. I’m ashamed to say I jumped at Zeke to …play. Luckily I remembered he’s a gremlin, and jumped on the couch.

I don’t know if Mama and Daddy caught my slip up, but if they did, they haven’t said anything yet.

He’s been on my Instagram profile twice now. Even helped me win a modeling contract with The Dearest Chi

I’ll keep you updated.  

Until next time, 


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