Bodie's Country Estate Mystery


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Bodie’s Mystery at the Country Estate
(Part I)

“This would go a lot faster if you guys would help me dig” said Penny. Her butt waggled in the air, and her dark fur had lightened with the spraying dirt. Luna bolted around the perimeter, looking quickly around each corner, weaving between the dozen antique pots. Pansies spilled from the dirt within, and tickling flowers, when brushed quickly across her nose, made Luna squeak with a small sneeze. It didn’t slow her down though, as she zoomed to the far right corner of the estate.
“I don’t see Bodie, and Polar Bear” she said, “what I wouldn’t give to be at home, under my blanket right now!”
Penny snorted, and a plume of dust swept in a tornadic pattern around her, but didn’t slow her down. Khan and Austin were wrestling over the treasure map. Khan was winning, as the map was clenched between his teeth, and he was looking up. “is miiiiiine,” he said between gritted teeth. Austin bounced up and down, attempting to snatch the map, but his short pitiful jumps made it apparent that this was the wrong situation in which to be a pug.
“Just give it to me,” he said. “It’s my turn to hold it!”
“Khan! Give the map to Austin, and help me dig, your legs are longer,” said Penny. Khan dropped the map, a slime trail of drool attached to it.
“Ruff day to be you, shorty,” he said, and chuckled at Austin.
“Penny’s just afraid you’ll eat the map, the same way you eat everything else,” said Austin. He picked the map up, maneuvered it to rest beneath the strap of his giant green tie, and pushed it around so it stuck from his back like a sword.
“They’re coming,” said Luna, halting to a stop, and letting out a loud pant. It was the first time she’d stopped moving the whole day.
They heard the jingle of the zippers on Bodie’s monster backpack before they’d come into view. It wasn’t much longer before Bodie and Polar Bear rounded the corner, at a slow, but steady pace, because between the two of them, in their mouths they carried a plush burrow. Inside sat Hermione, on the verge of falling asleep.
“Only Hermione could fall asleep during a time like this,” said Luna.
Polar Bear dropped his end of the burrow, letting it plop gently to the ground, and Bodie proceeded to do the same. “Don’t disrespect the King’s friends,” he said, and laughed. A playful leap in Luna’s direction let her know he was only messing with her.
“I’m nocturnal,” said Hermione in a slow drawl. “I’m not a daytime adventure kind of girl.” Her eye lids had drooped, and she became still, looking like an overused pincushion.
“We’re not getting out from under this fence,” said Penny. “The dirt is too hard. And this fence must go to China!
“We got the stuffie,” said Bodie, and nudged Hermione with his nose. She rolled a little to reveal the blue hamburger, and fell back asleep.
Khan continued to dig, putting his full body into it, despite Penny’s stopping.
“I wish Diesel was here,” she said. “He’d know what to do.”
“If we can find this treasure before Moosh and Gang, it’s all ours,” said Bodie.
“Do you think they have a map too,” said Polar Bear.
“Of course they have a map,” said Luna.
“And they have the power of, The Father on their side! His tongue can detect anything,” said Penny.
At their backs, the country estate loomed over them, the titanic shadow providing a small amount of relief from the sun. Khan had just begun to stop digging, a sly smile creeping across his face. “You guys hear that,” he said.
Hfung, hfung, hfung…slurp…slurp…squeeeeeeak!
“It’s them,” said Polar Bear. “The enemy!”
GumFather, Aspen, and Moosh came around the corner. A trio of noises blended into an echo of madness as they panted and slurped. Father dragged his feet in the dirt, carving out a path, and his tongue rolled from his mouth like an aged red carpet, and plopped in the dirt.
“So, you have a map too,” said Aspen. She’d stepped forward, standing at an angle in front of her brothers. Father cocked his head, staring at them with one eye, and Moosh, between pants, bit down on the stuffed toy in his mouth. A slow squeak rang in the air, and Khan’s ears perked up.
“My squirrel stuffie,” he said, and kicked at the ground.
“May the best pups win,” said Aspen. She turned quick on her paws, and Moosh and Father backed away without turning around. They’d seemed to disappear more quickly than they’d arrived.
“Let the competition begin,” said Khan.
“Oh, it’s on,” said Austin.

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