Mr. Zeus Almighty Interview

“Some people have said I look like a little cow.”

 Mr. Zeus Almighty

For readers that don’t know you, can you please tell the how old you are, and what breed
you are?

I am 5 months today. I am a white brindle French Bulldog (Frenchie). Some one thought I was a Boston Terrier b/c of my bat/rabbit like ears.

I see you dress up in a lot of superhero costumes. Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

I believe mom and dad thought it would be super cute to dress me up in superhero costumes. I do prefer Superman over Batman, hence I have a superman toy which I accidentally put a hole in (still waiting for fur-dad to resurrect). Overall, Superman is awesome just like me =).

There was a surprise party in your honor! How did it go? Did you make friends? What fun things did you do? Tell us about it!

It went really well and I was pretty surprised. Since I recently had all my puppy shots, I was able to go outside and explore. Everywhere I went it was new and exciting for me. I got to make new friends (fur-friends and hoomans). My cousins and my uncle were there. I never ate so much in my life! I had so many treats, had doggy Shepard pie, played doggy trivia, and we even had a cake. I wish I could do that every day!

How did you come to be with or paw-rents?

Well, from what I heard. Fur-dad had it all planned out. So on December 27th, 2017 Fur-dad told Fur-mom that they had to drop by his coworker’s place, which is on the way to Canmore, Alberta where we are to meet up with his family to celebrate his parents anniversary. So on the way to the breeder house, Fur-mom had no idea. When they parked the car that is when Fur-dad told the truth. Fur-mom, was shocked and surprised. She told me she was excited to go in and see the Frenchies. Fur-dad captured Fur-mom’s reactions when she walked into a house full of Frenchies. Fur-mom described it as a YouTube video, where it was like heaven when she melted into the couch as the Frenchies climbed all over her. The breeder did a tour and introductions. Then the breeder took my fur-ents to where my mom, myself and my sibilings were. Mom said as soon as she saw me, she knew I was the one. I didn't have a name back then  My fur-ents keep checking up on me and the breeder continued to update my progress to my fur-ents. Since fur-mom got to choose the puppy, fur-dad got to name the puppy. I heard that they were debating and thought for a while to find the perfect name, and finally were sold on Zeus. Therefore, I was known as Zeus, hence my Instagram name is mr.zeus.almighty. The breeder and my fur-ents made arrangements for me to unite with my furents on February 24th, 2018. My life couldn't be any better.

You’re still a baby, so imagine your future, what does it look like. What will Big Boy Zeus
be doing?

Ummm I never thought of this one since I am still exploring the world around me right now. I know that my fur-ents want me to grow up big and strong to live up to my name. I’ve seen all these wonderful places on Instagram and hopefully get to visit someday.

What’s the silliest story your Mama/Daddy has about you so far?

I don't have much really. I know that my fur-ents think I am super silly when I hop like a rabbit, because I am excited or want to play. I sometime run, tilting to one side. My fur-ents are still trying to capture on video but I am too quick. They think overall I am silly and super cute all the time.

Your IG name: Mr. Zeus Almighty, is it a play on the movie, Bruce Almighty?


(What’s the story behind the name, regardless of if it’s from the movie or not?)

Fur-dad just thought that Mr.Zeus.Almighty would be a cool name for IG. It is a movie Bruce Almighty but that is not the reason why fur-dad chose my IG name.

What is your favorite activity?

My favourite activities are eating, playing, and lying in the sun.

Are you scared of anything?

            I am scare to be alone and loud noises also scare me. Oh...and when Fur-dad is mad.

What do you dislike? (Can be anything ... certain foods, toys, activities, other animals)

I dislike not being able to play

I saw some videos of you training! What all can you do?

So far I know how to sit, down, back, bow, place, drop it, leave it, etc. I am working on other tricks as well such as peek-a-bo0, spin, loose-lease-walking, now, etc. I get confused sometimes. I am done my puppy class tomorrow.

You’re pretty new to Instagram, do you have an Instagram girlfriend yet? (If not: what
would be your pickup line to get one?)

There are so many cutie pies on Instagram. I am easily distracted in general so I try to like the pics first to get their attention and then I will comment consistently on their postings, then ask them to be my friends. I don't think it's working b/c I don't have a IG girlfriend yet, haha.

What do you think is unique about you?

I think what is unique about me is my marking. My white face contrasts with my black bat/rabbit/mickey ears. Some people said it look like I am wearing a helmet. Some people have said I look like a little cow.

This one is for Mama: Is there anything special my readers should know about Frenchies?

Frenchies are very smart. They do have sensitive skin and are prone to many allergies. It is important to pick a good breeder to have a good Frenchies. Their temperaments are great as well.

Bodie: Zeus is a pretty new friend, but I'm so happy to have him as one! His adventures have just begun, and he is well on his way to being a superhero. Any one have any suggestions for a girlfriend for this sweet boy? Please follow along on his Instagram page!


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