Cali's Bow Boutique Review

Calisbowboutique (which, for the remainder of this review will simply be called “Cali’s) is a small shop that was established, on Instagram on July 11th, 2018. To date there are three bow-tie patterns available: “donut kill my vibe,” “woof, fetch, walks,” and “pup tails.”

We received two of the three options free for an honest review.

To date we’ve not purchased many bow-ties, because many of them lack in quality. The number one factor when looking for a bow tie for any animal is one that retains its shape. Too many are flimsy, and barely make it through the shipping process in good condition. Also, speaking as the owner of small dogs, it is also common to receive a bow tie that is big enough to fit a Great Dane, and ends up looking comical.

Cali’s bow ties arrived individually packaged in clear plastic, sealed bags, each enclosed with a small slip of paper containing the image of what the product should look like, along with the name of the individual tie. (Each item looked exactly like the picture) A clothes pin, with the boys’ names (Bodie & Zeke) written on each side attached two sheets of paper: one thanking the consumer for their purchase and a reminder of hashtags to include in future posts, and the second reminding of the Etsy shop link. For the record, I believe both of these are great business practices. Not only does it serve as a friendly reminder, but it also shows the consumer that the creator is interested in your images with their product. It means something to them. Remember to always spread the word on products you purchase, vendors rely on feedback.

The ties themselves are made of thick cotton/ near canvas material, an asset in any bow tie that has any hope of keeping its shape. They also didn’t require any adjusting to get its proper shape, as it arrived in perfect bow shape condition. (Yes, I’ve been mailed several misshapen or squashed bow-ties. This was not a problem with Cali’s however.) These ties are about 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches in width: the perfect size, in my opinion to fit a small to medium dog. Attached was a length of elastic, about 2 inches on either side in order to tie to the dog’s collar.

This was the only drawback, in my opinion of the bow tie. In my experience, tying this length of elastic would result in extreme wear and tear on the elastic, and we have a daily wardrobe change with our boys. Also, to ensure that it stayed attached, a decent knot would be required. I didn’t even bother with trying to tie it. Instead, I cut off about an inch of the elastic on either side, and pulled out my snap kit. (Yes, I own enough bandanas that I’ve invested in my own snap kit.) Now, they snap for easy removal on and off any collar I choose to put it on. This did not affect the integrity of the bow-tie in any way.

Cali’s bow-ties are sturdy and well designed. And will not be falling apart.

For a first run shop release, these bow-ties are impressive. It is obvious that the owner knows what goes into making a bow-tie for dogs. In particular these will likely last through quite a bit of rough and tumble with my two boys. These bow-ties are going to keep their shape through many wears and are far from flimsy.

(We’d like to add, that after visiting the Etsy shop we became aware that there are two size options: Medium, which is $4.50 and Large, which is $5.50) These two sizes should cover every dog; I don’t personally see a need for a “small” option. So two puppy paws, and two human thumbs up, for the minimalism. Sometimes shops can be overwhelming with size options, especially if you’re new in the realm of purchasing dog accessories.

As far as future releases, there are only two improvements I would suggest. The first being a more reliable way to attach to the collar: snap on, or Velcro? Secondly fabric patterns should be taken more into consideration: what works for a bandana may not translate the same on a bowtie. (For example, a text heavy print such as: woof, fetch, walks). It’s a cute idea, but difficult to read in bowtie form.
For a start- up boutique these are issues that can be easily resolved, and I believe this shop has a lot of promise for our bow-tie loving fur friends. These bow-ties would work for an adventurous friend, which is always an added bonus.

We cannot wait to see what designs are released next!

Cali's Bow Boutique receives 4.5/5 wiggle butts

Make sure to visit and purchase from Cali's Bow Boutique  and let her know you read the blog!
The shop CEOs can be found at My Pupper Choco & My Pupper Oreo

And, as always, we can be found at Brothers.Goodboy

Until next time!

**Again, we’d like to note that we received these products free of charge for an honest review. (It is important to us to always remain completely transparent with every project we take on.) **


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