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First blog back after adding a baby brother to the family, and already we’ve brought him into the fold of our fashionable obsession.


In the short time we’ve been on Instagram (7 months that have flown by), we’ve amassed a collection that any hoarder would be proud of. And no, we do not plan on stopping anytime soon, just slowing down, because, well the money tree died. The boys peed on it, and it didn’t stand a chance.

The shop we are reviewing today and I believe you can quote me on this, is actually the first bandana shop we ever purchased from. (Who knew bandanas would be so much easier to find that bow ties?!) And we are happy to say that not only do we consider this shop one of our top “dealers,” but also a great friend! (That doesn’t sway our honesty though!) And P.S. Know of some small shops that make wonderful bow ties? Wag into our DM’s and let us know!! (Every company we’ve seen makes bow ties bigger than Bodie’s ears!)

The fact that Butters and Bee is stationed in Canada shows how deep our dedication is for some bandanas!

When I first started down the rabbit hole of bandanas (warning: you will NEVER get out of it, so just get comfy, and wrap yourself in the warm bandanas you drained your bank account for!) I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what to look for. Naively, I thought it was a piece of fabric you tie around your pet’s neck.

Uh. No!

There are three main styles: Over the Collar (OTC), Tie-up, and snap on. And literally millions of fabric options. (Maybe billions) And every shop cuts and sizes them differently. (Silly you, thinking the perfect pair of jeans was hard to find!)

Butters and Bee is the sort of small shop that is animal inspired. It’s named after its two furry CEO’s after all! Ashby and Butters are a patterned pair of siblings that serve as the perfect models for every one of their Mama’s creations. Feline and Canine, join forces to make the pet community fashionable one fuzzy, or buzzed butt at a time.

Looking through the Etsy page, you will see that Butters and Bee started with tie up, and transitioned into also offering OTC bandanas. Followed by poo bag holders, puppy and me matching sets (fabric headband and bandana), vinyl add ons, and beer me sets (custom beer coozy and bandana.

Patterns in this shop are varied, with all sorts of artsy/abstract, flowery and food-centric designs (with many more in between). One thing all the fabrics have in common: bright and vibrant color! They are sure to catch the eye of any passerby. And each one is made precisely to fit your fur baby! Yes! Butters and Bee is a shop that will work with you!

I’ve bought both, tie up and OTC bandanas from this shop, and the tie up are my favorite! There is more fabric (obviously, because you need enough to get a tight knot tied in it), which means they are slightly more expensive and the flow is perfect on my small boys. Bodie is all legs, and Zeke…well he’s got little sausage legs, but the tie-up wear perfectly on both of them.

(Side note: My main (personal) problem with OTC bandanas is that each shop seems to vary vastly on the sizing, and there are many cases where you would need a range of differently sized (thickness) of collars to make every single one work. And, obviously you are getting less fabric in an OTC bandana. Small dogs, be wary of large designs and OTC bandanas, this can sometimes translate poorly.)

Turn-around time (to the US) averages about two weeks. (Blame that on customs).

One HUGELY important quality this shop has: listening to the customer! Sydney, the shop’s owner, is always open for ideas, and finding out what her customers want to see. She will custom make vinyl images/sayings for you to put on bandanas yourself! Her Instagram stories are full of polls to gauge which fabrics everyone is interested in. And she is always asking for suggestions. There are adorable pictures of Ashby and Butters ALL THE TIME! And if it wasn’t already obvious, she thinks outside the box! Who wouldn’t want to match their fur friend?!? And her DM’s are always open. Even if you decide you need to add a few last minute bandanas to your current order (if it hasn’t shipped already, of course). Recently, her shipping prices have gone up, but it’s to ensure that you package is tracked every step of the way. You can still pick the non-tracked option, if you are brave.

Total count of bandanas I own from Butters and Bee?
            7! With 5 on the way!

Recommendation: For small dogs, I would suggest the tie up variant (almost every fabric has both OTC and Tie-Up options). Heck, I’d likely suggest tie up for any sized dog. There is so much more you can do with them, and they just hang beautifully.

Price: Average (compared to similar shops) for the quality received (which is high quality!)

Friendliness: 100%

CEO Cuteness: 1,000%

Should you buy: YES! Have a code while you’re at it! BODIE15 on Instagram will get you 15% off!! (we can be found @brothers.goodboy)

Visit the shop: @buttersandbee

When you stop by, tell her went sent you! And tag us both in the bandanas you purchased.


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