American Pup Idol?!

Watch Peaches Live & in action on her Instagram page!**Disclaimer: You will be googling all night long to find out when her album drops!** 

Our friend Peaches the Presa is a star! (Why the universe isn't aware of this, we aren't sure.) She's got a voice of gold, and when she isn't singing (spoiler: she's always singing) she's outside on the great search for water to play in. 

We are seriously considering 'anonymously,' signing her up for American Idol! Thoughts? Would you vote for her to win? 

When we found out Peaches is a 'Canary Mastiff,' the only thing we thought of was Tweety Bird. (He was a canary, right?!) We quickly found out she is no bird! (we checked, there are no wings!) And while yellow is a color of cheer and sunshine, Peaches is a much lovelier spectrum of brown and tan, known as brindle. Her coat reminds us of a cool Autumn day: crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and bonfires. 

Did you know that Mastiffs are so large that they were originally bred to herd livestock?! Now, they are primarily cuddle bugs (that's according to our extensive research and statistics).

You don't need to hear more facts from us though! Let Peaches tell you about herself! 

Peaches, you’re a recent friend, and we don’t know much about you. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Breed: I'm a Presa Canario (or Canary Mastiff)
  • Age: I just turned three this month
  • And how did you come to be a part of your family?: My dad wanted a big dog and he happened to come across me and fell in love. He showed my mom my picture and had to drive three states over to get me. The breeder he got me from also had to drive a ways to meet my dad. I was in the breeders first litter so my parents were slightly wary at first, but as soon as my dad got to the meeting place all worries went away. We spent a night together in a hotel and rode home to meet my mom and two brothers!
  • On July 29th your account was created. What made Mama want to start it?
  • My parents think I'm really beautiful and so do all the people who have met me. My parents wanted to show me off and people always want to see more of me, so Mom and Dad made me my very own Instagram. Dad says I'm really special
We saw on your page that you have a sibling! Brother or sister? Name?

  • My siblings name is Rocky, he is a min pin and he's 12 years old..... I have another brother whose name is Harley, he's 7 and also a min pin. He went to live with my mom's grandma because her dog had recently died and Harley and her really liked each other, he made her so happy so mom and dad decided it would be a perfect home for him. They get to see him all the time and how happy he has made Grandma
Truth time: which one of you is the boss?
  • Rocky is definitely the boss and the real guard dog of the house, aside the fact that he is about the size of my foot.
You LOVE to sing! What makes you so happy that you just have to belt out a tune?
  • I sing for anyone I really like or when it's breakfast/dinner time. When my parents get home, or my grandad comes to visit I get very excited and sing for them.
Speaking of singing, you can only listen to one song for the rest of your life. Which song do you choose?
  • Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash! Mom and Dad really like his music so we listen to it a lot together.
Okay! One last signing question! You’re dropping the hottest album for the Fall of 2018, what is the album name. AND who are the two artists that guest vocal on it?!
  •  Album name: Life's a Peach. Guest vocals: Halsey and Post Malone
For an Instagram video post, we saw you eating raw chicken. Is your diet all raw? Or raw and kibble? What’s a typical raw meal for you? Tell us a little about it:
  • My dad orders raw, organic chicken backs for me. He spent a lot of time talking to our amazing vet and other presa canario owners. My parents vacuum seal it and freeze it. They pull it out to thaw when I'm running low on a pack. When it's feeding time they just opened up the bag and I pull my piece of chicken out. I typically get two to three pieces of chicken per meal. I get bones and all so it's good for my teeth and I'm getting plenty of calcium. I also get raw eggs pumpkin when available
What’s a “special” occasion raw meal for you?
  • Steak and veggies (YUM)
How did you come about a raw diet, and what benefits have you seen?
  • My dad had heard about benefits of raw diets and wanted to learn more. He reached out to our vet and a couple other owners of my breed. They spent a lot of time talking about the pros and cons, and also the most convenient and most nutritious way to give me my awesome diet. My raw diet has a ton of benefits, such as: my coat is really shiny and silky, my skin is almost never dry, me teeth are kept clean (which also means I don't have horrible breath, mom really likes that benefit). Dad had found out that eating raw will help increase my lifespan because I'm not eating preservatives that's in a lot of kibble type dog foods. It also makes my poops a lot smaller which is great for city living when you have to pick it up!
There was a great video of you walking through a creek, so we are guessing water is not a problem for you! What is your favorite memory from an outdoor adventure?
  • I love water! My favorite memory of water is when my parents took me to a place called "Monkey Run" its a small Creek close to where we live. It's pretty popular, so my parents took Rocky and I up a trail a ways to a more private part. It was just the four of us so mom and dad let us off of our leashes and I went swimming. Rocky enjoys exploring on land more so I had the water to myself. I was swimming, leaping, running, and just relaxing in the water. After we left that trail we went to the waterfalls that are very well known in our town. They have a little swimming spot there as well. We had to leave the waterfalls after a short visit because it started to thunderstorm. When we got home mom and dad gave us baths because we didn't smell good after our water day. We had so much fun!!
While on the topic of “the great outdoors,”: The heat in Tennessee during the summer is unbearable, so we are looking forward to the fall. Those piles of crunchy leaves are our favorite! What season are you looking forward to, and what makes it special?

  •  I love to play in the snow! When my dad is shoveling the sidewalk he throws the snow in the air for me to try and catch. I like to do zoomies all around and dig my nose deep in the snow. I have a human sister, she's almost 7, and her and I love to play in the snow together. She will throw snow for me to Chase and run around with me. Rocky prefers warmer weather. We go for daily walks and in the winter Rocky usually stays home because he gets too cold and mom has to carry him home.
We’re small, only seventeen and twelve pounds, but Mama says we think we’re big dogs. Do you think you’re a small dog, or do you know you’re big and own it?
  • I know I'm big, but I like to think I'm able to do the things small dogs do. I'm not allowed on the couches (I've ripped three of mom's new couches ️) so when mom goes upstairs I like to sneak on the couch and get in a good nap. I also like to try and sit on mom and my sisters laps but I don't fit very well. I also like to try and follow my bother around but I often get stuck in small places and mom and dad have to get me out.
All of us fur babies like to keep our paw-rents on their toes. What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were in “troublemaker mode?”
  • My dad just spent a lot of money to get our house remodeled. The most recent project was the kitchen. Because I already chewed up or ripped (with my nails) mom's favorite couches, I hang out in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway while they are gone. One time mom and dad left to go to work, I was in the kitchen, where I had plenty of toys, my bed, and water, but I decided I wanted to chew on the brand new wall trim. I chewed a whole section off. Dad was really upset when he got home and I was in trouble. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes, so he couldn't stay mad for too long.

For the final section of the interview, we are trying something new! A game. The game that’s been chosen for you is: ‘Never Have I Ever’

Had human food:
  • Yes, my parents give me steak and yummy veggies on occasion
Become a big brother/sister:
  • No, but I love babies and other dogs, I'd be really excited to have a little brother/sister. Dad says we don't have room for any other dogs right now
Done zoomies in a big open space:
  • Yes! I do zoomies whenever mom gets home, and all the time in the snow! Zoomies are so much fun!
Chewed up something of Mom or Dad’s:
  •  Yes, lots of stuff unfortunately. I chewed up couches, the trim on the wall, my mom's favorite winter hat, a couple coats (including my human sisters), and some shoes. But mom and dad are happy because I don't chew things up anymore!
Met a cat:
  • Yes, our neighbors have a cat that lives outside. I used to get really worked up and would bark a lot, now I just perk my ears up and let out a hello woof. The cat used to run away but now he just stares at me.
Gotten caught outside in a storm:
  • Yes! One time mom and dad were upstairs watching TV and I was outside chewing on my bone. All of a sudden a huge clap of thunder hit and it scared mom. She ran downstairs really fast to come get me because she thought that I would be afraid. When she got outside though I made her laugh because I was unphased still just happily chewing my bone. I would have stayed outside but mom made me come in.
Been on a road trip:
  • Yes, but the only time was my road trip to my new life with my parents. Since I'm so big it's hard for my parents to find places I'm allowed to stay, but I get to stay home with my friend who stays at our house when mom and dad are gone!
Gone swimming:
  • Yes!! I love swimming and running through the water!! Mom and Dad love to go out on the boat and really want to bring me but they're afraid they won't be able to get my back in the boat if I go swimming because I'm so heavy

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