Fly Me to the Moon

It's a firework! It's a meteor! No! It's Rocket!!

Not the raccoon (although we're sure they would party the night away if they got together)!

Can you believe this is our first conversation with Rocket?! We learned a lot about him! Like the fact that he has 8 siblings?! We often wonder how many brothers and sisters Bodie and Zeke have. It's easy to imagine them living it up in their forever homes somewhere (maybe not so far away.) 

He's gone through a lot in his first 8 months, including surviving a dog attack (remember it's not the breed!), but that hasn't gotten in the way of his 'out of this world,' love for all other dogs. (Did someone say "dog park?" Rocket is probably jumping for joy at just the word!)

We'll let you all get to know him, but stop for a second, and think...If, like Rocket Raccoon, Rocket (the dog) were part of an interstellar superhero team, who would be his teammates? And what would Rocket's power be?

Introduce yourself Rocket!

  • Hi! My name is Rocket. I am an Australian Cattle Dog also known as Queensland Heeler. I was born December 3, 2017. I am 8 months old! Mom and Dad sometimes call me stinky butt, I don’t know why! I have a weird habit of chewing things that aren’t toys. They don’t seem to appreciate it, especially Dad.

Any interesting facts you can give us about Australian cattle dogs? 

  • Australian Cattle Dogs was originally bred to herd cattle back to the ranch, hence the name. Heelers are highly energetic (LIKE SUPER CRAZY ENERGETIC) and you really need to train them to be able to handle this type of dog. They love to chew more than normal dogs, tough toys and large bones can keep them entertained. They are very smart dogs and have a willingness to please their owners. They are extremely protective and loyal dogs. Their loyalty and intelligence is two of their best qualities!

We started at the beginning of your Instagram account, wow have you grown! How big do you think you’ll get?

  • I honestly think I am done growing, height wise. Australian cattle dogs are medium sized dogs. My fur mom and fur dad are actually only a little taller than me. I use to be so tiny!
You still get to see your fur Mama and Daddy! What’s that like?

  • I love it! My fur Mama and Dad belong to my Human Dad’s cousin. So we are all family, and I get to go over often. I Love my dad’s cousins, they are so fun and love to play with me and give me treats.
  •   What do you do during your visits?
    • I get to play and run with them. I even stayed over for a weekend while my human Mom & Dad were out of town. They have really big dogs (horses) at their home so that’s fun.
  •     What physical and personality traits do you get from Mama?
    • I look just like my Mama. We both have the black and white going on. Dad has some Red Heeler qualities, meanwhile Mom and I are Blue Heelers.
  •       What physical and personality traits do you get from Daddy?
    • My fur Daddy is a little grumpy, and very protective of his Humans. I think that’s the trait I get from him. I am going to grow up to be strong and fierce, making sure my Human Mom and Dad are always safe. I also got my love for playing from Dad. He loves to play with the Frisbee, he’s even caught it in the air. One day I will be able to do that too!
  •       Do you have any siblings? 
    • I have a lot of siblings. If I remember correctly 8. Only 1 sister. I haven’t seen any of them since we all found our new forever homes.

Rocket, we saw a picture of you with a green cast. Great color on you! Can you tell us what happened though?

  • I have loved the Dog Park since I was a little itty baby. Unfortunately, one of the nights when we were at the Dog Park, a Bull Terrier attacked me. It was the scariest thing I have ever gone through, as well as for my Humans. It all happened so fast, and thankfully Dad got the Bull Terrier by the neck and yanked him off me. I had to go to an emergency vet since I was small, and he did shake me a bit. They wanted to make sure everything was Okay. Thankfully he couldn’t injure me to bad, just bite marks on my little leg. I was so scared, but I also got a lot of love and my Humans made sure to take care of me and help me recover. My Humans were worried I would be scared to socialize with other dogs after the incident, but that’s not the case at all I’m still one friendly and playful pup! 😊

Afterwards, you got a puppicino! How yummy was it, and was it your first? Give us three words to describe it:

  • I was with Mom all day, since Dad had to go to work that day. She spoiled me a little and treated me to my first ever puppicino! It was amazing, sweet, and delicious! 😊

Your best friend is Max. How did you meet, where has your favorite playdate been, and how often do you see him?

  • My Human Mom is friends with Max’s Mommy. I love Max! I love going to the dog park with him! My favorite playdate was getting a puppicino with him at a local coffee shop close to the dog park. The barista even drew a little Rocket on my cup! So nice! Where we live.. summer’s get really really really HOT! We even hit 123 degrees! Its ridiculous, so we can’t go out to the park much! But I am planning a play date with Max soon 😊 don’t let the pictures fool you… we love each other just play rough. I always win…. But who knows about now because he’s sooooooooooo big!

What tricks do you know?

  • Dad has taught me sit, down, stay, come, fetch, roll over, high five, walk around him, spin, to catch food/ my ball in the air, working on Frisbee tricks.
  •     Which was the easiest to learn? 
    • I mastered sit and down really quick, if you see on my Instagram there’s a video of Dad and I doing these tricks at the dog park. I was only like 1 month ½ old.  Dad says I'm the smartest pup he knows 😊
  •    Is there one you can’t quite master?
    • So far no.. I usually get them. It did take me a while to learn spin, but there’s nothing I cant learn especially for those yummy delicious treats!
Like us, you’re always ready for treats! So spill! What treat is your absolute favorite?

  • I am not picky! I loveeee food. Give me anything as a treat I will eat it. But I love the antlers my dad buys me from Petco. I can spend hours chewing on them. Then I toss them around like if they were a toy. Im happy with them and so is Dad because that means I'm busying chewing something that’s not his!
If you could be a character from any TV show, who would you be and why?

  • I would be Rocket (the racoon) from Guardians of the Galaxy. That was the inspiration behind my name. Mom and Dad agreed that I kind of look like a racoon haha! 😊 
Your first birthday is in December. What are you big plans?! And if you could have any three presents (money is no object) what would they be?

  • Yes! Birthday is December 3! Well there’s nothing set in stone yet. But my Mom loves to go all out for birthdays. My birthday is in winter so maybe taking me to the beach wont happen but I can assure you that I will have a big dog party, with all of my friends. If I could have any three presents, I would have a room full of yellow tennis balls for me to play with. I would have unlimited supply of treats. I would also want the biggest antler treat everrrrrrrrr!!!

For the Finale, we want to have what we call: ‘The Zoomie Round’

Ball    OR    Frisbee

Kisses  OR  Snuggles

Aliens  OR  Monsters

Free Swim  OR   Bath Time

Bed Sleeper   OR   Floor Sleeper

     Birds   OR   Squirrels

          Selfie   OR   Action Shot

         Starbucks    OR     Petco

Girlfriend    OR    Bestfriend

  Wiggle   OR   Roll

Until next time,
Ashley, Bodie & Zeke

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