Honestly, We're Being Honest

We've participated in a fair amount of product testing up to this point in our Instagram journey. And there is one question we've seen often: what do you say, or how do you review a product that just doesn't work out for you or your pet?

It's a fair question. One that is worried over.

What you, as the consumer need to realize is that if it didn't work out for you, chances are it hasn't or won't work out for someone else. This doesn't mean your review is useless, and it doesn't mean you believe the product is entirely bad (in some cases you may, but let's hope those are far and few between).

Any company that is providing a product or service needs to understand that every consumer will have a different experience. You had a sub-par experience? Your honesty can help the company improve the product/s!

Recently, I was chosen to try an anxiety product for the boys (and trust me, I'll never not try an anxiety product for them), in the form of a pill. My number one choice? No. Why? Pills can be difficult to dispense to a stubborn and anxious pup. That didn't mean the product was useless though, and it didn't mean I was going to throw it out as a viable option. I had to see the results first!

What did I do? First I tried the route I knew wouldn't work, putting the pills in the palm of my hand to see if Zeke would just eat them. He's new to the family, we are still learning his habits, so why not give it a go? He licked at the pills, one caught on his slobbery tongue, and he made the obligatory "yuck," face before dramatically projectile spitting it across the room. I think that one actually hit and stuck to the wall.

Anyway, I knew it was time for plan number two: peanut butter. If you don't use peanut butter to make your dog take medicine, or put it in a Kong to occupy them, or even feed them a spoonful just to watch them struggle to get it from the top of their mouth, who are you?!

The dosage for this product was actually quite a lot, since it's all natural, plant material. I dumped six tiny pills into the blob of peanut butter, moved them around a little, folded the peanut butter over as many as I could. Zeke could clearly see me doing this, but the whole point was to obscure them! It was just chunky peanut butter now... right?!

AND Success! Whether it was because he actually loves peanut butter, or because once he got a glob in his mouth he couldn't help but eat it, didn't matter. The pills did not come back! He had swallowed them! Or maybe they disintegrated on the roof of his mouth. Either way, dog Mom win!

What made that process easy? The size of the pills! They are tiny! (See picture below)
Already, this was a positive I could mark down in favor of the product. What else did I love? That it was natural! No chemicals. It's a blend of five flowers.


What else did I love? That it didn't knock him out! I don't want the poor guy missing a day or night of fun because a storm rolls through and he can't keep his eyes open. The goal is to get him calm enough that he can function. No pacing, or twirling, or twitching when he hears a noise.

My point is this: was it inconvenient to give him pills? Yes. Was I iffy when I received a bottle of pills in the mail? Yes. Was it something I could work with though? Yes.
In this case, the product actually did help! Was it the best we've tried so far? No. But I'll use it, because I did notice it calmed him. It's good to have on hand if I know he's about to be in a situation he can't handle. I wouldn't use it for a spur of the moment situation, because he won't eat anything during those.

I know what your thinking now: what if the product didn't work? "I got this for free! I don't want say bad things about the company!"

It didn't work. That's bound to happen. Can you mention that it didn't work? Sure! Chances are there will be others that it doesn't work for. Can you say it's not for you without bashing it? Of course!
Mention what you like about it! Do you like what the company stands for? Were they easy to get in contact with if you had questions? What about the packaging: was it easy and convenient? Did it have a pleasant smell? Was it easy to use? Does it have ingredients you can stand by? Was there something fun or interesting about it?

Also make sure to mention small details! Maybe you have an extremely picky pet? Perhaps you gave them a dosage that was on the lower end and didn't get the results you expected? How many times did you try? (To be truly fair to any product, you should always try more than once to be as accurate as possible.)

Any company sending out promotional products is looking to grow and thrive in a market of competition. A sappy, untrue review is not going to help them. They need to be made aware of problems, so they can tweak the product and make it worth the money people are spending on it. No company standing today has not had to make improvements or even relaunch a product or service. How many times have you seen 'new and improved,' on a product you've bought dozens of times? That's with the help of public opinion!

The point is this: when a company reaches out to you, asking you to promote a product, they aren't doing it for a perfect review (although they won't argue with those if they are true). They've looked through your social media, they're current on your journey, and are aware of what you use in your day to day life. It's your perspective they want. How did the product fit into your life? How did it compare to similar products made by different brands? Or even, what would you change/improve about it?

We all grew up learning that honesty is the best policy. Somewhere along the way it can end up skewed. You like the company? Help them by really giving insight. A simple: "it was nice, I'd buy again," isn't giving them feedback. 

Always detail 'the good, the bad, and the ugly.'

Until next time, 
Ashley, Bodie & Zeke

** For the purpose of this blog, the product example was from Best Life for Pets **
** Have an idea for a product you'd like us to review? Send a suggestion straight to our DM's on Instagram ( Brothers.Goodboy )


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