Potato OR Irish Wolfhound?

**Disclaimer: The pictures in this interview will give you puppy fever, so be prepared to skip work tomorrow and add a furry friend to your family** 

The Instagram journey for Isle of Paws started on May 9th, 2018. In the beginning, Alto was a much smaller potato than he is now, but one thing that hasn't changed: His satellite ears! It's a trait he shares with Bodie. And it makes this Mama wonder if he can also hear aliens, "in outside space," as I imagine Bodie would refer to it.

Alto's account is one that we've been following for awhile. We actually remember the live videos when he first came home, and most of his toys were bigger than him! It seems he's only just outgrown a few of them. Tiny puppy carrying around a toy that's too big for him? Yes please! (Those tears welling up in my eyes are just summer allergies)

Alto and his Mama have one major personality trait in common: sass! Stories are constantly updated, often in a hysterically sassy nature: providing behind the scenes looks, failed photos (although lets face it, one person's "failed" photo is another's work of art), fun and creative 'get to know me' collages, and of course selfies that reveal the Mama behind the account! (We LOVE seeing the faces behind the accounts of our furry friends!). 

Isle of Paws is also an account that is honest. Alto may be little, but like all "children," (including my own) he can be a terror. What's the worst thing he's done lately? Read below, it's a stinkin' DOOzy! 

Like us, Alto's life is not displayed as a life of perfection: it's a day to day journey, full of ups and downs. It's real. 

And this is a peek into it...

Alto is the star of the account, so tell us a little about him:
  • I’m currently 6 months old!
  • I’m a feisty, but lovable, Chihuahua
  • Favorite Toy: Lamb chop, Bunny, and beaver
  • Favorite Activity: running, playing, and eating!
  • Nicknames: Lil' Mutt (even though he is a purebred), baby, baby boy, and crazy mutt
  • Wiggle Butt Bonus Facts: Whenever Alto gets ANY food he hasn’t tried before he will play with it before actually eating it. Also, Alto was born on my 16th birthday February 3, 2018!

AND: Tell us a little about Alto's fur siblings! How is he as a little brother? 

  • Being a little brother isn’t all that bad! Milo, Altos big brother, doesn’t pay much attention to hi, even though one time he did lick Alto once! Milo doesn’t want his affection to dogs to be shown so I never get to post anything like that.

  • Aña, Alto’s big sister, loves to play with alto and lets him give her kisses and everything! She loves to be around alto and kinda mothers him when he’s around. The siblings don’t all live together at the moment  but when they are together it’s the sweetest sight.

Did he have any “almost,” names? What were they? 

  • Thinking of Alto's name was hard as I wanted something different. At first Alto was going to have a Spanish name! Espíritu would’ve been alto’s name if I did go that route! Espìritu means Spirit and at the time, I was really in love with that name. Then, I was going to name him after one of my favorite male singers, Bruno Mars! If I went that route, Alto would’ve been “Bruno” but I felt like a Spanish name for a chihuahua was to stereotypical and Bruno was a little overused. So I went to go to find creative musical names, as I love music, and I saw the term “Alto”. I never heard a dog with this name before and thought it’d be unique and different! So, I finally decided on the name Alto for my tiny chi chi.

We hear Alto will be a big brother soon! How do you think Alto will react? 

  • What challenges do you think there will be? I think alto will react fine to having a big little sister! He has met his first big dog recently and he went up to go sniff him and then got a little scared and hid between my legs. There was no growling or anything negative from either dog though! I think since Alto will be meeting his sister as a puppy he will warm up quicker. I do think that Alto will become a little jealous though as the attention will have to be split between the both of them. Overtime, I think he’ll learn to love his little sissy.

When Alto was a baby, you called him a potato. Is he still a potato, or has he been upgraded to a different food? 

  • Oh no, Alto is still very much a potato puppy!

Alto is so small! We imagine most things are bigger than him. What we want is a list of things that he's bigger than. (Be creative)

  • This is true, Alto is weighing in at 6 pounds! He’s bigger than a brick, a centipede          (which he loves to play with by the way), his chew bone, my hand, a soda can, a dvd, and of course an Irish wolfhound!

What is his favorite smell in the whole world?

  • The smell of ANY food! Except vegetables of course.

What is your favorite memory so far with Alto?

  • My favorite memory is of course when we first brought Alto home. He was the sweetest baby and didn’t even cry! He was definitely the easiest puppy I ever had. My other favorite memory is taking Alto to petsmart for the first time! He had a SERIOUS case of the wiggle butts! And my last one would have to be when I took him to our local park for the first time! It was our community park and no one every goes there so I let him offleash and he stuck by us the whole time! His loyalty is the best thing ever.

Tell us something you’ve never done that you’d like to try.

  • I’d love to teach obedience and agility to Alto’s soon to be sister, Lyric. I’d like to get into dog shows and do fun stuff with my dog! I've seen a lot of other dogs compete on TV and it looks like a lot of fun and I’d really like to be apart of that

We’ve seen your stories, and know Alto's been driving Mama a little crazy. What’s the naughtiest thing he's done lately?

  • Oye, that’s an easy thing to answer! Last night, Alto decided  it’d be a great idea to poop on my bed. He is potty trained I guess since I didn’t give him what I was eating he got mad haha!

Who is your puppy idol? (Either IG or TV/Movies) What would you do if you met them? Tell us at least one question you would ask!

  • Hmm... that’s hard to narrow down! If I had to choose one it’d definitely be, The Adventures of Keira ! She’s  such nice a nice person and one of my biggest inspirations for starting my account! If I got to ask her one question it’d be “ How do you get Keira to stay still long enough?” I can hardly ever get Alto to sit!

Alto: You can control you’re Mama’s life for one day! What would you have her do from early morning until late into the night?

  • If I could control my momma's life for a day I’d have her get up nice and early and make me a nice scrambled egg breakfast. Then, we’d go to the park and run for hours and hours! After that, I’d have her take me to Petsmart and buy me all the toys! I don’t care that some of them are to big for me I want them all! Then, after that we’d go back to the park so I can chase the evening birdies! Then, we’d come home and while I’m playing with my new toys, momma will be making me making me what she calls “Turkey pepper mix” ! It’s turkey meat with a couple of slices of green bell peppers! She even adds rice in it sometimes! Then, after I’m done eating that, we’d go in the back yard and chase each other for hours! Then, I’d give her a kiss and a snuggle have her tuck me into bed and go to sleep.

Finale: ‘Two Truths & One Lie’

  • I love canned dog food.
  • I enjoy car rides.
  • My favorite game is “Fetch and don’t let go!”

Which one is the lie?!? Hmmmm....sounds like they could all be truths. I've got my guess! (No, I don't even know) 

What's yours? 

Comment with your guess on our most recent post (and the potato emoji!), or DM us (we love talking to everyone!)

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Until next time, 

Ashley, Bodie & Zeke 

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