The Farmers Dog

The Farmers Dog 

Let’s be honest. There are A LOT of dog foods out there, and we have tried our fair share! Lately everyone has been realizing, that much like humans, animals need to be on as healthy a diet as possible. That means REAL ingredients, and not letters of the alphabet that have been scientifically created to act as filler. There is also a growing trend in the freshness of our food. Low grade kibble could be categorized as the human equivalent of fast food, don’t you think? And what happens when you eat too much of a bad thing? Well, you can gain weight, feel sluggish and out of breath, suffer from sickness more easily and most importantly, not be the best version of yourself.

Recently we tried a new type of food that is much like the fresh delivery options that have come to be available for our paw-rents. It’s called Famer’s Dog and it is specially formulated with each and every one of us in mind. The website is easy to use and straight forward. Mama (or Daddy) put in your information, like weight, allergies, and diet restrictions and it gives you an option of foods to pick from. You can even pick a different flavor for each meal, because when you order, you’re sent enough to last you the entire month. Just freeze and thaw as you go. Want it to last longer than a month? Use it in combination with the food you already eat. When you freeze the portions, they stay fresh for up to four months!

It was on our doorstep in a matter of days after our order was placed. And we’d also like to note that you get frequent email updates on where the package is, since it is preserved (for a limited time) on dry ice. The box was in perfect condition, and very cold still, considering it sat on our porch most of the day, in the southern heat.



We paid $32.02 for our first order: and it important to note that this was the final total AFTER a 50% discount. Bodie and Zeke each received a two week supply of food, which equaled 4 packages for each boy. (Also: this discounted price for a two week supply would typically cover nearly an entire bag of their kibble that is bought monthly).

The boys loved the food, and it was indeed fresh, and included minimal ingredients. Also, they were happy to continue licking their bowls long after the food had been devoured.

I don’t have any equivalents to compare this too, as their typical diet is a high quality kibble, which they appear to enjoy just as much. I do love the transparency of The Farmer’s Dog as a company, and it is a great option, but I’m not going to say it will be a staple in my boys’ diets. The price for one is very high for how fast you would easily go through product. Also, it is important to mention that it affected their bowels. Could it be because their systems are not used to a wet food diet? Possibly. We followed the slow introduction directions, and nothing changed.

We still have a package left for each boy, and we’ve found it as a better topper alternative than a full meal. (And, plus side, there are NO bowel issues.)

Personally, we feel that this company has great intentions. We’d even go as far to say that it would likely be a viable option for some pet families, but it just wasn’t for ours. Not only do I not have the freezer space for the number of bags I’d receive for a full month long subscription (x2 because there are two of them), but I’m not keen on the idea of a purely wet food diet.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a fresh food delivery option, it is worth looking into (ie: 2 week trial) especially since there are introductory discount codes floating around out there. And again, at the very least, it makes a great topping option for picky dogs, or if you want to boost their diet in general.

The Farmers Dog website w/ 50% discount : The Farmers Dog

Where The Brothers can be found: Brothers.Goodboy

The Farmers Dogs gets 3/5 wiggle butts 

**We received this food at a discounted price for an honest review**


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