The Wondrous World of Sparky

Like Bodie and Zeke, Sparky is, 'The Goodest Boy!'

But he has an edge! He's chewed up his WHOLE bed before!! (Is he part velociraptor?!) He didn't spill that secret, so I guess we will have to let the rumor mill fly on that one. 

His creepy crawly siblings are a conundrum! On the one paw: why do you need so many legs?! And on the other paw:  how you get around with NO legs?!? (What species do you think Sparky's siblings are?) Take a guess, and then scroll below to see if you were right! Hint: There are 2 separate species of crawlies. 

Now: be your goodest puppy self, and read about our new friend below! There is so much to learn!

Introduce yourself Sparky! 
  • Hi, my name is Sparky I'm a 9 month old working Cocker Spaniel; my fur-mum and fur-nana are both part of my dad's human family! When mum and dad bought their first house we found out that fur-mum was expecting (she’d been with a stud dog) and both mum and dad had grown up around dogs. It wasn't the best time but mum and dad decided that they really wanted a puppy from the litter! Fur-mum ended up having 3 puppies (which is an unusually small litter!) And all 3 of us brothers live within a 10 mile radius of not only each other, but with fur-mum too!! I came home just after mum and dad's first Christmas together in their first house and it's been the three of us ever since ♡ 
 How did your paw-rents come up with your name?

  • They wrote a list of names and chose from there - I was almost called Apollo but Sparky just seemed ‘right’
And your favorite activity?

  • My favourite activity at the moment is playing Frisbee and I'm an avid bumblebee collector!!! 
Fun Fact!: 

  • I hate having baths and do whatever I can to avoid them!

 Your bio on Instagram says you’re a ‘working Cocker.’ Does that mean you’re a service dog? Could you elaborate? 
  • Fur-mum and fur-nana are both trained gun dogs and I come from a long line of Fenland trial champions - all working gun dogs.
  • I am a working Cocker spaniel rather than a show Cocker spaniel - however when mum and dad moved out they didn't really carry on with shooting - I may learn in the future but right now I'm definitely a part of the family  ♡
  • I know the standard commands and know various commands in both the ‘pet’ way and the ‘gun dog’ way! The end goal? Mama would love to do agility with me cause she thinks I'd be really good!

 Can you tell us a little bit about your breed? 
  • Let me just say - Cocker spaniels are known for being a full on and crazy breed and I definitely live up to those expectations! We're considered a small breed and I'm slightly larger than both my fur-mum and my fur-nana but slightly smaller than both my litter brothers! As far as I go though I'm quiet and well behaved (certainly more so than my litter brothers!!!) When I was small people used to think I was a Labrador or Retriever puppy because my ears didn’t look quite like a spaniels ears - but they’ve grown!!

 We see you have some unique siblings! Can you tell us about them? 
  • I have two litter brothers who I see quite often, I see Buddy pretty much every day and we love to play fight! I see Alfie not so often, but we love to play fight too!
  • At home I have Noodles - he's a corn snake and he's quite new, mama used to keep Betta fish but when she moved to this house, didn't have the time to keep so many so dad said she could have a snake instead! I'm quite intrigued by Noodles (want to see a picture?! Visit Sparky's page!), but he doesn't seem to like me much - mostly I'm jealous of the attention he gets from mum and dad, so I sulk when they see him! I also have many millipede brothers - only the super big millipedes get names too! They're Giant African Millipedes and they're called Mesi, Maliki, Milka and Miku! They're mostly very quite and keep to themselves! They were here before me and moved to the house with mum and dad - so I respect my elders :)

 In one of your pictures, you say: “what do you mean that’s where the monsters live?! I’ll eat em!” What kinds of monsters so you imagine live in the woods? And do you think you could convince them to be your friend? 
  • I think they'd be green and fluffy like my monster! And if I chew him he goes squeak!! Although mum and dad don't believe me because apparently only I can hear this squeak!
  • They would definitely be my friend cause I'd take them home and show them my treat jar!!

 We saw that your Mom goes out of town from time to time, and it’s just you and Dad. What does a lad’s week look like? And does Dad let you get away with anything that Mom won’t? 
  • Mum works with children and often their families need to go away, so she goes with them! Sometimes it's to far away places and sometimes the parents go and my mum just goes to their house!
  • Dad's weeks are fun, we mostly go out with my brother Buddy and his owner but then we spend the evening playing the Xbox! Mum definitely let's me get away with more though!

 You won some picture contests, and got ribbons! Can you share the pictures that won, and tell us a little about them?!
  • This was a little while ago so mum will try to find the photos!! I know there is definitely one of me in the woods - that was my first real trip after mum bought her fancy camera! I posed for so many photos!

 Camping. We’ve never been!

  • Well mum didn't come so she's not that clued up and mostly it appears that what happens on a camping trip, stays on a camping trip! I liked it though and slept beside dad in the tent! We went for long walks in the woods and then swimming in the lake! We also found a wasps nest and dad and his  friends got stung LOTS but me and my paw-friends didn't!
  • Tips would be too remember food, water and most importantly treats! Also bowls and somewhere for your puppy to sleep! And toys- it's good to take toys! Try to stay out of scorching midday sun and make sure that everyone stays hydrated!!

 Sometimes you can be, “Sparky the Naughtiest Boy.” What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve EVER done?

  • Hmmmm, maybe chewed up my entire bed! Mum and dad just got me a new one this weekend though so all is well now! Also I refused to toilet train until I was allowed on the grass! The decking was not good enough!

 What’s your favorite memory from your life so far?

  • The first time I was allowed to sleep on the bed with mum and dad ♡ and from there I now sleep on their bed every Friday and Saturday night!

 And what’s something you haven’t done that you’d like to do?

  • I'd like to go to Agility class!

 As of right now, if you could go forward in time and give old man Sparky a piece of advice, what would you tell him?

  • Let mum treat you as her number one for as long as you can - live your life to the fullest because mum and dad spoil you a ridiculous amount!

  For the final section we want to play a game! Your game is ‘would you rather.’

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Sneeze continuously every time you have to take a bath?    OR
    2. Fart continuously every time you eat?
I hate bathes 😑 so I may as well hate them even more and sneeze through them!

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Only be able to drink water from a pond?     OR
    2. Only be able to drink water from the toilet?
Um...the pond, I've smelt the smells that dad makes on the toilet 😂

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Sleep by Mom and Dad’s heads, and smell bad breath all night?     OR
    2. Sleep at the foot of the bed, and smell stinky feet all night?
I sleep by their heads anyways - right in the middle of them both so stinky breath is ok 😁

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Only go on walks when it rains and take your Frisbee?     OR
    2. Go on a walk every day, but not be able to take your Frisbee?
Rainy Frisbeeeeeeeeeeee 🌧

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Everything you eat taste like bacon?     OR
    2. Everything you eat taste like peanut butter?
Hmmm...a tough one! Bacon 🥓

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Go camping every weekend at the same place?     OR
    2. Go camping every 2 months, but somewhere you’ve never been?
We tend to move around with camping anyway so B 🏕

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Switch lives with Mom for a day?     OR
    2. Switch lives with Dad for a day?
Mum! She works with children so that would be fun!

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Only have your bumblebee toys, and they can never get ruined?    OR
    2. Have as many toys as you wanted, EXCEPT for the bumblebees?
Always the bumblebees 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Be stuck inside for a week, but able to do whatever you want?     OR
    2. Spend the week outside, but only do what Mom and Dad say?
I'm pretty good at listening and doing as I'm told when mum and dad are there, it's only when I'm left alone that naughty sparky emerges!

  1. Would you rather:
    1. Explore a cave and find a genie lamp?    OR
    2. Explore the deep sea and find mounds of buried treasure?
Deep sea! Mum always says she's a pirate so I can kinda be one too!!!

Until next time, 
Ashley, Bodie & Zeke

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