2018 Watchlist (IG Pup Edition)

Instagram is a hot spot for talented pups around the world. Recently, we had the luck of collaborating with ten musical artists and design the covers of their debut albums. In no particular order, we present our 2018 Artist Watchlist:

At just eleven months old, Sparky drops his debut album. With his combined obsession of bumble bees and Kanye West, Beeeeezy was born. It's wicked flow is as smooth as honey, and although it's lyrically limited, the beats are guaranteed to make your butt wiggle. Being the overachiever he is, Sparky dropped an additional track one week before his album release. PuP Weekly, one of the first entertainment magazines to get their paws on a copy of Beeeeezy, called Honeycomb, "the buzz of the summer." Pupple added to the praise by saying, "this album is the sweetest reason of 2018 to get stung by beeats!"  Our opinion: "This album is on the endangered list: flying off shelves as we speak!" 

Joy doesn't give a fluff, he is all about that island life. With eleven songs on his album: Summer Staycation, you will be perfectly content soaking up that island sun. Joy's outdoor recording studio means the sounds of the ocean hitting the shore serve as the backdrop for every track. Rolling Ball Magazine likens his debut album to the Beach Boys. 

Exotic Treasures is an Enya-like journey of self discovery. Unlike her namesake, Harleyquinn is quite soft spoken in her debut album, letting the music swim through our bones. Although there seems to be an awkward concentration on her tastes for poop, it is easy to dig between the lines and realize Harley is simply willing us to always be open minded. Better Dog Beds & Garden gives Exotic Treasures two paws up, stating that it is, in fact, "the perfect melodic addition to any outdoor get-together."

If it takes more than one guess to figure out Ky's inspiration, then this is not the album for you. We'll wait a moment...okay! Times up! Did you guess it? Weird Al Yankovic! The debut of #Sportsball bounced in from left field. TMZ cameras caught up with Yankovic and his words make it pretty clear: "This album is nothing but net! It's a home run! All bases loaded!" 

Dane Ranger is not horsing around. It galloped into first place on the country music charts, smashing the record, which has most currently been held by Dolly Barkton. Lilly's heart is a big as her passion for horses, and her debut is proving to be a golden horseshoe. Don't be the Lone Ranger, saddle on up and join the cowboy craze. 

Who knew we'd have another Pupdonna on our paws! Sadie is not afraid to push the boundaries of traditional debut albums. Bathtime Blues scrubs away stereotypes and brings out your inner diva. "Pups that are new to my music may see a bra on my head, but true listeners see a fashion statement! Look, I don't always want to go out with my ears exposed, and I'm not ashamed of that!," says Sadie of her style." "I want to inspire my fans to wag all over the dog park! Step out of that collar and let your weird show!" 

Who knew that a messed up order could inspire an entire album! Forgot My Extra Cheese comes in extra hot, and with all the toppings. While Huebert may not be the youngest artist on this chart, he is certainly an inspiring one. His tail tells the tale of a former street dog, turned blues master. In fact, all proceeds of his album are distributed to shelters around the world, and he only performs in vacant alleyways. "I just believe the coldest of situations can be turned beautiful," he says, "Just don't forget my f**kin' extra cheese!" 

Alto insists that his debut album: Worship @ Alto's Altar is just the beginning. "I'm not normally an angry pup, in fact, I'm pretty happy about my life. I just think about all those times I don't get a treat and I've been a good boy all day... and I don't know... it just fills me with rage."  While most of what he said was not understandable, Ozzy Pupbourne did compare Alto's album to that of Crazy Train. 

Who doesn't like their fries extra salty? Tucky knows how to shake himself right into our heads. Pup Hop Magazine has declared this album: "just the right amount of salty." In fact, whispers on the street say that Tucky is already back in the studio working on his second album. Could the name be: Extra Crispy?! Somebody get this guys some fry jammies!

It was a day of wandering through the woods that inspired Finn's debut album. "I'd just finished peeing on a dead tree, and I started thinking... this is where I feel most at home. In the woods. The sounds and the feel are just so familiar." Back to the Woods is unique in the fact that all the background music is raw nature. 
For those that have yet to discover Finn, let us sniff it out for you, imagine,: Pupdele & DogC/PupC. This album is clearly the start of an entirely new genre. 

We encourage all our readers to check out the Instagram pages of each of these up and coming artist. We promise you won't want to miss a single pupdate!

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