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Ky is a pup friend that has been with us since the start of our account. Him and his Mama would often pop their heads in to watch our live streams (of which we need to get back in the habit of doing). And we were so excited when they let us know they were up for an interview!

Ky's full name is Kylo. And despite the name, he's not evil. Mischievous? Yes! Sneaky? Yes! Adventurous? Absolutely! He is a thief...but it's all in good fun. Plus, he just wants to make sure Mom and Dad get in a bit of good exercise. And he is always testing the boundaries of his relationship with his sister, Mama (otherwise known as Bailey). 

This guy doesn't need anymore of an introduction, so peek through that imaginary fence, and see what our Instagram neighbor Ky is up to!

With every good tale, we have to start with the beginning. And in this case it starts when you were just a small bean. Ky, you’ve been with your paw-rents since you were a puppy! Tell us your story. 

Yes! So the story goes:
    • Mom had been searching for a pup for almost a year. Mom was looking at small-ish terrier type dogs. She actually grew up with a Jack Russell! Throughout that time, she would constantly send pictures of dogs to Dad and he was getting a bit annoyed! Dad was hesitant to get a new dog. Bailey, my sis, was originally Dad’s dog before he met Mom. There was a lot of uncertainty with her and how she would react to a new dog. She doesn’t really get along with dogs and is very territorial over her food and Dad. 
    • Well, Mom finally found me on a rescue site and said, "it’s now or never." I came from an unplanned and unwanted litter, and my rescue took me and my 5 siblings in at 5 weeks old. 
    • Mom was actually more interested in my brother and put in an application for him. The hoomans came to meet us when we were 6 weeks old, fell in love with me (not my brother), and took me home two weeks later!
    • My first night home was pretty uneventful. I was very sleepy and didn’t do a whole lot! My rescue had neutered me the day before (which Mom didn’t know), so that was probably why I was so sleepy too. We kept Bailey on a leash in the house and she basically stared at me all day. During work hours I was kept in the kitchen and Mom had a camera on me because they were scared Bailey would eat me. I was a curious little puppy and just wanted to play. She did not (hehe). 
    • Eventually, Bailey learned to love me and now we snuggle every day when the hoomans go to work!!

We are glad Bailey didn't eat you, but the boys do wonder if you would taste like an Oreo Cookie! Besides the fact that she didn't chomp on you when you first came into the house (good job, Bailey!), we want to know more about your big sister, so indulge us. We want to know it all!
  • Bailey is 12 years old! She is pretty boring compared to me (hehe)! She sleeps a lot and loves her food. She has never played with a toy in her life but loves any type of bone! As she has gotten older, she has mellowed out very much. Dad got her when she was 2 years old. She had a litter of puppies before then too! Which is why I think she was okay with me coming in the house as a puppy. Motherly instincts maybe! She has a funny little personality. She’s very grumpy and makes lots of noises and grunts. She acts like she hates me but then will protect me on walks and in the backyard. It’s a secret love! 
  • She goes back and forth between our house and her Grandpa’s (Dad’s Dad) because they got her together. We call this her vacation time away from me! Unfortunately, her hips have been getting worse so she stays with Grandpa a lot more now because she cannot go up and down our back steps multiple times a day.
Bodie and Zeke get to visit their grandparents too! They've named them Mimi & PooPoo! (Grandpa wouldn't choose his nickname, so they decided on it! Boys will be boys!) They always have fun on their day trips, and it keeps them from having to be home alone all day on their own. The boys never got to know their big sister, Hershey, but she also suffered from hip problems, luckily our place only had two steps. Once she got down those steps though: the zoomies came out in full force! She wore a path on either side of the yard by running from fence to fence, being a nosy neighbor. 

From time to time, Zeke has smooshed himself underneath the upstairs couch (usually when he is scared of a storm, but occasionally if he's stashed an extra yummy bone under there!) We saw, in your earlier pictures that you had a silly hiding spot too. Can you still fit underneath the sink, and is it still your favorite spot? If not: do you have a new spot or spots? 
  • Sadly, I cannot fit under the sink! I have tried to every now and again but it doesn’t work, I'm too big!! I now like to hide in a little spot between our two couches. Mom calls it my hidey-hole!
A hidey-hole! That sounds fun! Sometimes we build the boys a tent, again, during storms, between the stairs and a bookcase. They take bones and toys inside. And they only come out for treats. They are such goofs, and will only reveal their snoots and teeth to grab it. 

You're also a curious dude, and just couldn't help yourself one time when you got tired of waiting on treats. Mama caught you in action, putting the matter into your paws, and you got your head stuck in a bag of treats! Was it the best thing ever? What kind of treats were they?! 

  • Hehe yes, they were yogurt drops! Yum yum yum! Since then mom has seen awful things about dogs heads in bags and is a lil' crazy (understandably)! She’ll cut any bag open before she throws it away now.
That's a good idea! Pups that don't have Moms and Dads don't have anyone to look out for them. We cut up the plastic that holds aluminum coke cans, because small animals and birds can get their heads trapped. It's always great to look out for our fellow friends with feathers and fur. 

Continuing with your curiosity, we saw you stole a cucumber from Mama. What other veggies do you like? Also: what other things have you stolen? We've seen so many pictures of you being a sneaky thief!
  • I love all veggies actually! Peppers are my favorite! (Unless they are a fruit (seeds?), I’m not so sure). But yes, I am the biggest thief. Socks are my favorite thing to steal. Dad doesn’t always put his clothes away, so I will sneak into his closet, find the dirtiest sock and run out to show them what I found. Then, I love to play chase! I usually don’t chew the socks unless the hoomans don’t come chase me! It’s my favorite game.
We just looked it up! (Thanks Google) Peppers actually are fruit. And you're right! It's because they have seeds that they are categorized that way. (You really do learn something new everyday).

 Zeke LOVES socks, in fact, at the end of every day, he will pull your socks off your feet. Surely they have to be stinky after a long work day ... but he doesn't seem to mind. His Daddy is the one that taught him...and now Daddy is the one that is always missing socks!

Every pup is unique and has special markings. Bodie has swirls on his butt! Do you? Do you have any other unique markings? 
  • Yes! One of my swirls has my black and white fur mixed. Mom says she likes my little brown ‘eye brows’ too! I used to have a lot more ticking (the black speckles under my white) but they have actually faded a lot. Momma loves my pink and black toe pads as well!
Zeke has eyebrows too! So it makes him look like he is always questioning everything. It adds so much to his personality (which is really coming out now, after being in our house for five months now!) 

What we want to know next is this: If you were a human, what do you think your day job would be? What would Bailey’s day job be? 

  • Can I be a treat tester?!?! #goals I am actually a really good hugger. Any person I meet, I stand on my back legs and hold their hands with my lil paws. Mom thinks it’s hilarious. So I would be a professional hugger, and Bailey would be a professional napper.
Of course you can be a professional hugger, Ky! Mom and Dad would probably be able to quit their jobs you'd be pulling in so much money. Also: If Bailey does find a job as a professional napper, let me know if she needs an assistant, me and the boys will definitely help her log some overtime hours!

Since you're named after an epic movie franchise, you have to tell us (in your expert opinion): What order should the Star Wars movie be put in (from best to worst). 

  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • A New Hope
  • The Last Jedi
  • The Force Awakens
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Revenge of the Sith
Interesting ... We will leave the ranking to you. You're the expert afterall!

You're a good looking dude, and we can't imagine your NOT looking for a girlfriend. So: Imagine you’ve just created a dating profile: What would it say? 
  • "Hi, I’m Kylo. I love long walkies in the neighborhood and meeting new pups! Can I smell your butt?"

 Short and simple! What lady wouldn't want to sniff your butt! 

While we were stalking your account (that's not creepy, right?!) we noticed that you have a love of balls. All sorts of balls. (big & small!) How many do you have?  
  • Oooo yes I love balls! I have two basketballs, popped of course, probably close to 6 tennis balls, a hard rubber orange ball, and two big stuffed balls! Love dem balls!

Toys make us all happy! Something else that makes us happy? Friends and family, of course! Your Uncle Diogi is on your feed A LOT. Tell us about him! 
  • Diogi is a 3 year old toy poodle. He is a grumpy uncle, but has recently started to try to play with me. He doesn’t quite know how to play with other pups. His playing consists of running and biting my bum! I think he resents me a bit because Mom used to live with him until I stole her! Okay not really, but he kinda grew up with Mom. Her parents got Diogi right after she graduated college and lived at home without a job. So she was with him 24/7. They have a special bond but he’s learning to accept me!

Oh! The boys have a "Uncle Diogi," in their life. Her name is Gypsy. She is a Papillion, and my Mom's dog. She was part of the family six years before Bodie and Zeke were a part of it, and she always gets a jealous streak in her. That's why you see her in our stories from time to time. She insists on having a slumber party once a month, because I helped raise her! Gypsy doesn't bit the boys bums, but she will push them out of the way to get attention!

We will never know if the boys have any siblings, or how many. It's something I think about a lot...wondering if there are other Bodies and Zekes running around somewhere in the world. You've been lucky enough to meet your sister though! Tell us how that went! 

  • Yes, it was amazing! Her name is Nutmeg and I felt like we recognized one another right away, even though we hadn’t seen each other since we were 8 weeks old! We pretty much played and ran around all day! Our personalities were so similar. I have 5 siblings total. Nutmeg’s Mom actually just texted my Mom and said they found another sibling in the area so we will be meeting another soon too!!
Another family reunion?!? Imagine if all six of your get together one day! That will be a day to remember! 

And imagine the tricks you could play on your paw-rents!!

We've loved getting to know you Ky! You're a trickster just like your namesake, and we just know you will be a star one day! Maybe you have a future as a stunt double! We just know you will steal the show. 

To close out the interview we want to have one last bit of fun! And it's been created especially for you! Close your eyes, wag that tail, and imagine this:   
  • You’re director, actor, producer and creator of the next Star Wars movie.
    •  Tell us the title
    •   The plot
    •   And if IG friends could be actors in it, which IG friends would you choose, and what characters would they play?
    •   ALSO: What rating would Rotten Tomatoes give your debut movie?

Star Wars: The Next Kylo Ren

Kylo will take on the OG Kylo Ren in a galactic war! There can only be one true Kylo... who will it be?!?

Bailey will be like my Chewbacca body guard. I would have a posse of big eared warriors. So of course I would need Bodie in there. I’ve got a few Frenchie frands, Hank the Cle Frenchie and Frenchie Dozer that are big eared too! Blocky Headed Wiggle Butts will be my storm trooper enforcers!! The Amazing Dogs will be our little fluffy Ewok frands.

I think Rotten Tomatoes would give it 100% :)

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