Treat Yourself: Pet N Shape Patties

It only seems right that the re-launch of our blog starts with a treat review.

Spring is in full swing here in Tennessee, and once Mother Nature decides to get all the rain out of her system, we will be more than ready for our outdoor barbecues. I'm always on the lookout for new treats for the boys, because yes, I'm the dog Mom that is guilty of handing out the occasional table scrap ... within reason of course. And I'm a strong believer that even our fur babies don't want to snack on the same thing all the time.  

A few weeks ago, Pet N' Shape reached out to us, wanting to know if Bodie and Zeke wanted to be involved in the launch of a new treat. (Long story short: we said yes, of course! The boys already think every package that comes in the mail is for them, why not actually have something yummy on the way for them.)  

This was not the first time we'd tried treats from Pet N' Shape. I'd actually picked up several different goodies over Christmas, from Chewy for the boys (recommend any / all varieties of treats and chews). Longer lasting: the crispy rice chicken bones. 
Or. The nasty looking: chicken feet (yes the real thing). 

These new treats are a popular beef organ that I have seen from several pet treat companies, but with a twist. Pet N' Shape American Beef Patties are shaped beef lung in the form of a traditional hamburger patty. Each patty is about 2 inches round, with a crunchy / jerky texture. And the best part? Limited ingredients. Seriously there are four ingredients in these patties, and none of them are random letters of the alphabet thrown together to make some chemical compound.

Day one: the boys' jumped for joy, howling at my feet when I opened the package and they got a whiff of that beef lung aroma (they aren't smelly, I'm just trying to get inside their thought process.) I split one patty into four pieces, since they are pretty large for two little guys that weigh under twenty pounds each and the pieces were gone in a gulp. Is that going to come out whole later?!? Guess that is for Dad to deal with later since he is on morning poop duty. In short, they were a success.

(Side note: the image to the right is not the actual size, BUT is exactly what it looks like) 

And the ingredients? There are only four of them, if you can believe that. [Beef Lung, Pea Powder, Cane Molasses & Salt] 

Day two: a tougher crowd, only because we are adding two more puppies to the taste testing pack, and one of them is a pretty picky eater. That BBQ we talked about? It happened on Easter Day, since the sun finally decided to show her face. As soon as I pulled out the already open package, I was surrounded. Yes, surrounded. Four pairs of beady eyes drilling laser holes into the plastic bag I was holding. The littlest of the bunch, Gypsy was jumping in the air, her butterfly ears nearly giving her lift off, much like Dumbo. Once again ... SUCCESS! There was drooling and snorting, and chomping. And then the eyes were back on me. I felt like an extra in Jurassic Park, slowly backing away from the ravenous creatures.

Luckily, we were also outside, where there are plenty of distractions and the sudden infiltration of a squirrel at the bird feeder. I guess they were imagining it as a meat patty with four legs, because the troop was off, barking a melody of various pitches. (The squirrel got away, but the bird feeder was an important security checkpoint for the rest of the afternoon.)

Moral of this journey? Check out Pet N Shape and get your baby some goodies. They even have a wonderful "mystery" Box of Happiness for 19.99, and you'll receive 5 bags of treats that could be anything advertised on their site. 

Because if this face doesn't convince you how happy your pup will be with any of these treats. Then nothing will!

If you made it this far, yay! You are a true friend. 
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Until next time, 

Ashley, Bodie & Zeke 

(P.S. If you want to be a super secret goodboy/girl, check out our latest Instagram picture and say: I've always got room for a hamburger! That way we will know you checked out our blog!) 


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