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The Adventure of the Churpi Cheese

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are on Jeopardy for a minute. Alex Trebeck has just revealed the board, and your gaze goes to the three hundred dollar word: “Cheese”

Your hand is shaking slightly with adrenaline, but you’re the first one, and your buzzer fills the air. The lump in your throat almost prevents you from muttering the word, but you swallow it down, all eyes on you, and clearly state: “Alex. What is obsessed?”

Obsessed. That is the word I would use to describe cheese for Bodie and Zeke.

In fact, the most popular, long-lasting chews in our house have quickly become Himalayan Cheese Chews. I don’t know how many small dogs out there are actually considered power chewers, but let me tell you, Bodie has got a strong set of jaws. While we’ve gotten lucky enough that he doesn’t have the urge to chew up things around the house, that doesn’t mean we hadn’t been on the search for something stimulating and long lasting.

We first heard cheese chews when Bodie was an only puppy. Well, he has two cat siblings, but they don’t count in this event. Every single chew we gave him was devoured in ten minutes max. While at a local pet store I saw a single cheese chew for fifteen dollars. One chew for an 18lb dog, my jaw dropped. I was still drawn into it though. Why, you might wonder? It has three ingredients: Yak Milk, Lime Juice and Himalayan Salt. That’s it! No funky preservatives, no chemicals that can’t be pronounced, and no unnecessary fillers. We dropped the cash that day, with our fingers crossed. This piece of gold cheese chew needed to pass two tests if it had a future in our house: Number one, Bodie needed it to like it, because otherwise it got thrown into the pile of discarded failures we’d bought before. And Number two: It needed to last! My goal? Just give me an hour! This one piece of fifteen dollar cheese needed to last at least an hour.

The cheese passed the sniff test, and Bodie grabbed it from my hand. The target had locked on! And … he chewed … and chewed … and chewed, until finally got up to drink some water. 30 minutes and there was a good sized chunk missing, but there was still plenty of the chew! So far, so good.

The next test would be to see if he actually went back for it on his own.

Day two, he got out of bed, and bolted downstairs, where he’d left the chew the night before. And before I could even begin to pull myself out of bed, he was zooming back in. Cheese in his mouth and shoved between his paws. It’s like he had dreamed about it all night, and knew exactly what he’d do when he woke up. 

And the chewing commenced...

Safe to say my first thought was "Crap! Of course he has expensive tastes." 

Here and there we would pick up a single chew, because of course it was all we could find in stores. Then we ventured online to try a few different brands, and he loved them (it's cheese), but still I hadn't reached a price point where I could buy several bags at a time. 

Who would have thought that all my searching, and I'd actually come across a company through a pet influencer company.  

Desert Dog is based in Sahuarita, Arizona. We received three products in the mail: Churpi Cheese, Churpi Cheese Bites and Bully Sticks.

Churpi Cheese is considered to be the world's hardest Cheese and is made from yak milk, and mixed with a small amount of lime and Himalyan Sea Salt. Once it has become cheese, it is then cut into thick stripes and hung in a smoking room where it is dried for 3 to 4 months. 
This last step is what sets it apart from other cheese chews. Competitors smoke for much shorter periods of time, which produces a chew that doesn't last very long. 

So if you want long lasting, and you have a power chewer in your house, Desert Dog is the way to go. 

You can find all this info on the website, but for sale of whoever is reading this, I'll list the benefits below: 

- Organic Ingredients
- High Protein/Low Carb
- No meat or hide
- Low Fat
- Non-GMO 
- Lactose Free 

Also sold are Churpi Cheese Crunch bites, which is what a Churpi Cheese turns into when your dog has chewed it down to just a nub! When Bodie or Zeke have chewed the cheese down to about the last inch (give or take), I take it away from them. Super chewer + anxious pup = choking hazard. So what do you do? Distract your furry friend long enough to get that nub from them, or wrestle the jaws of life, your choice, and take that piece to the microwave. At this point I'd suggest putting it in a microwave safe bowl, because that sucker will come out hot! Microwave for sixty seconds, and it comes out as a cheesy puff. Let it cool. I usually wait about 10 - 15 minutes, and then you give it back to your pup to prove that you're not mean afterall.

I will give you fair warning, while the cheese chew in it's hard form is not messy, the microwaved version is. Think toddler left alone with the remaining crumbs in a bag of chips messy. It. Will. Get. Everywhere. It's not a problem, really, but just a fair warning to either have your vacuum ready, or have your friend eat it on their own bed. And get ready to hear that cronch all over the house. 

And lastly, the Bully Sticks. Nothing bad to say about them. The boys love them! They get through them a lot faster than the cheese, but they are that way with every bully stick. 

With Desert Dog, you can feel safe knowing that each and every bully stick is:

- Organic
- High Protein/Low Carb
- Grass Fed Beef
- Single Ingredient 

AND: I didn't notice a stink, which is always a plus!

Besides the obvious, (mentioned and shown above) my favorite thing about Desert Dog is the price! There are options for different quantities of packs, and even size choices! Now I can get three small cheese chews for $14.99! Having a pup party, with friends of all sizes? You can by a multi-pack that has a variety of sizes for all pups. 

We wouldn't leave you drooling and not have a code! brothersgoodboy10 will save you 10%!

Interested in something else? Check them out: Desert Dog Products 
(They also have Churpi Boost, which is a crunchy cheese topper, and Aloha Crunch Bites) 

You can also find them on Instagram, right here: Desert Dog Products

AND, if you want to see Bodie and Zeke's day-to-day and read more blogs, don't forget to follow us on Instagram: Brothers.Goodboy

Until next time, 
Ashley, Bodie & Zeke


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